Random late night D/s relationship type thoughts

I am not a “little” but there are aspects of the DD/lg (Daddy Dom/little girl) relationship that enthrall me. They mostly have to do with being taken care of.  

I’ve always been an independent woman who takes care of herself, but there are times when I’d just as much be ecstatic if someone took care of me a bit. I know I would struggle, but ultimately would love it. Take care of me, show me how to act properly for you, discipline me if I screw up. Show me you care about me, and us. I will give it my all to show you the same.

This thought was prompted by a picture I saw earlier tonight on twitter. It got my mind going in a direction that I hadn’t really thought of much before, but has continually been drawing me to some degree or another. 


What I find the toughest part of polyamory is being patient.

Relationships basically get put on pause or on super slow-mo between times together. If there’s physical distance of any sort, the time between can be rather significant. When something potentially powerful just happened or is on the cusp of possibility happening, it’s difficult to have to basically “hold that thought” and wait. Especially if your partner(s) is(are) busy, or aren’t talkative over text. Or if you’re trying to figure out your own thoughts and feelings, and aren’t able to really talk them through.

This thought started as a tweet, but grew to way more than 140 characters, so I decided to make a small ranty-ish post instead.