Quad Weekend recap – Bob’s Birthday Bash

My hubby Gun leaves today on a work trip, and he won’t be back home until next week Friday. This will be the first time we’ll he apart for that long since we moved into the same house over 19 years ago. I’m happy he’s getting this opportunity, and know I’ll be fine at home with our boys. Funny enough, what I’m really not looking forward to is his dog being completely lost without him lol. Though I can’t deny, I’m also not looking forward to going without sex for that long. That’ll be the longest break since we opened up. I guess we’ll see what happens, and how squirrelly I’m going 😉 Continue reading

Lunch time walks

On my lunch hour at work, I try to get out for a walk whenever I can. Since I have to go home every other day to let our puppies out (a responsibility I share with mg hubby Gun), I don’t get out as often as I’d like.

I either listen to music or a podcast while I walk. I listen to a few different swinger podcasts and haven’t been able to keep up with them as well since my boss has been in the office more often than not lately. I usually listen to Life on the Swingset, Swingin’ Around, Average Swingers, Swap Fu, and The Swing Wife.

The past couple of times, I’ve been been listening to Life on the Swingset. I love the banter between them all, let alone the topics and information. We found their podcast and website shortly after we opened up and they’ve been an amazingly huge help in us navigating non-monogamy, and deciding what fits with us. I follow all of the hosts on twitter, and am lucky enough to have a few of them follow me back 😊. I’m sure I look like a dork some days, walking with my ear buds in, laughing to myself. Sometimes debating with myself, or agreeing or disagreeing with something one of the hosts had said. I vow that someday I’ll get to Desire with them all, the major sticking point would be that my hubby Gun wants nothing to do with Mexico. Who knows, maybe someday…

Anyone who is curious about swinging, polyamory, or any type of open relationships, I always recommend they check out the Life on the Swingset website.


Another tipsy post headed your way

I’m generally a happy drunk. A loving, horny drunk. A sappy drunk.

I’m sitting here playing with Gun’s cock, while we watch tv. There’s nothing more than I’d like to do than feed it to my girlfriend Lexxi. Watching it grow harder in her mouth. I’d grip as much of her hair as my little hands would hold, helping her lips travel up and down his cock.


Taking turns with our mouths. Then having one of us sit in his face while the other rides him, then switch. I love it.

I do love sharing our guys with my girlfriend.


Quad weekend :D

I had a fantastic weekend, it just went by way too fast. Shopping, relaxing, and of course sex 🙂 Going out for dinner for my gf Lexxi’s birthday, then going to a swing club together. Now THAT was fun! Before you ask, no we didn’t play while there (other than me sucking Bob’s cock a little, but it was more of a tease). It was something my hubby Gun asked that we refrain from while there. See, he isn’t a fan of clubs, though even he will admit now that it’s very different going with people you know than going by yourself. We aren’t NSA club swingers, never have been, not sure we ever would be. Although I do have a fantasy of having an annonymous fuck at some point, it’s not one that tops my fucket list. But I digress, Lexxi and I danced for a few hours. We had a few drinks (okay more than a few, we finished 2 bottles of Vextini), we danced and made out on the dance floor, I’m sure we put on quite the show, but that’s the beauty of clubs like that, it’s part of the fun. We even got the guys up for a couple of dances. When we got home, we all piled into the hot tub and steamed the backyard up a little…more like a lot 😉
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Almost…! 😃

24 hours from now we’ll be on our way to our other other halves house, yay! Barring any delays or unforeseen circumstances we should be about an hour and a half out.

I’m already packed, except for a few toiletries and my curling iron.

I…can’t…wait! It’s been a very, very long 5 weeks…

It should be a fun weekend as we’re celebrating my gf Lexxi’s birthday (feel free to catch up with her at http://LexxiBlue.wordpress.com) and we’re going to a local swing club. We haven’t gone to a club yet with them, and I’m really looking forward to it. Not for the obvious, we’ll have fun at home after (and probably before). I’m looking forward to dancing with my BFF and my loves in a place where we’ll be accepted for who we are, no hiding anything. Maybe I’ll post a few pics at some point 😉

Hurry up 5pm tomorrow! 😃


The last day or so, I’ve really had the want to sext…it’s been a while since I have and I’m missing it.  I’m in a flirty, playful mood, but it doesn’t seem any of the guys who I’m receptive to are in the same type of mood…so it’s been making me pouty and a little dejected.  You see, I won’t just sext with anyone.  I’ve learned that for me, it’s better to sexy chat with guys I have a pre-established connection with.  Guys who I will be see naked at some point.  Who can do to me, the dirty stuff they’re describing, and that I can do to them what my mind and body desire.  My fwb (who at this point, is in title only as we haven’t set up a time to meet for the benefits part yet) was a little flirty with me yesterday, but timing wasn’t right for me, and when I was free I guess he was over that mood or timing sucked for him then.  My bf/hubby#2 was busy too, so it was just me, twitter and pouting.  I’ll flirt on twitter, but won’t all-out sext.  I want to describe in detail what I want to do…maybe it’s time for me to write another erotic story for Literotica.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve done that (the scene I wrote in an earlier blog, not withstanding).  Maybe that would help…

For the record, I didn’t ask hubby#1 to sext, but did let him know blantantly that I was horny, and he helped me out with that last night 😉  Not that it helps for long, but then again, I’m at my “high” time of the month, when I’m pretty much constantly horny. 

3 days until the long weekend! 😀

Caution! Tipsy post!

Okay, you’ve been warned, I’m tipsy…drunk…and making a post. I can’t be held totally responsible for the spelling and grammatical errors that may be here. I’m honest on this blog, so I won’t apologize for what I wrote, that wouldn’t really be different. Lol!

It’s not the first time, and won’t be the last time, that I mention how much I miss the other half of our quad. I love my husband. He’s the rock in my life, and that won’t ever change. But there’s a completeness that can’t be described when we’re all together. We’ve spent about a week together a couple of times and it’s been awesome, never an issue, it’s been so natural. Natural. That’s how we knew right from the start that the 4 of us were different than just regular swinging fwb’s.
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Sleepless in Central Ontario

Last night was one of those nights that my brain just didn’t want to turn off.  What was I thinking about? you ask.  Well, it wasn’t about bills, or money, or wanting a new job, or anything stressful.  Quite the opposite.  I was thinking about sex.  In particular, sex with our quad.

You see, on our last visit with them last month, it was just after my birthday so we had a belated celebration too.  Gun had arranged with Bob to help make my top fantasy come true – DP.  Double penetration.  Being fucked anally and vaginally at the same time.  Turns out because of the way my body is made up had us trying a few different possible ways before success.  My vaginal opening is a little further down/back and closer to my anal opening. What ended up working well (very well :D) for me was reverse cowgirl anal for one guy, and the other in front of me. I had never tried reverse cowgirl anal before, and I found it absolutely amazing in itself. Definitely a position to try again.
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Not all women swingers are bi

It seems that a lot, if not most couples get into swinging because the wife is curious to play with other women. It wasn’t so for us. I wanted to play with other cock, and was fine with my hubby playing with other pussy. One thing I learned very early when Gun & I decided to try swinging was to clarify that I was not looking for girl-girl play. We essentially scared away the first couple we met face to face because that didn’t come up in conversation before hand (they were newbies too, also figuring out what they wanted and how to get it).
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