Subspace processing 

This past weekend was supposed to be a quad weekend, but it ended up being just me heading to see Bob and Lexxi since Gun had to work late Thursday and Friday nights. It really sucked that he wasn’t there, but sometimes things can’t be helped. I was glad I got to go though, there have been some things happening with Bob lately that I’m processing, so being able to see and talk to him in person helped so much. It’s all positive, but it’s still a change and I’m working through it.  Continue reading


Not all BDSM scenes need to involve heavy prep work and tools. Bodies, looks, and words, the dance of two souls entwined transcends that. It’s precious and has no parallel. That baser connection between a Dom and their sub can’t compare. It can leave a sub wide open, stripped to the core, and utterly vulnerable. I’m not sure how this type of connection leaves the Dom feeling, so if you’re a Dom and have had this happen to you, please comment as I’m curious to know.

Sometimes though, it’s fun to wield implements. The energy transferred while a Dom paddles his sub, or a Sadist whips his masochist. That is a specific need for some. 

Speaking for myself, a masochist who’s still learning herself, sometimes I *need* the pain… there’s nothing quite like receiving that type of energy. My experience is mainly through impact play. Feeling the impact fully and completely, the energy cycle moving from one being to the other. Having it spark throughout my body, and moving it to my core where it builds up. Each smack, flog, spank, scratch, ratchets it up higher and higher. Tell me to cum while I’m lost in the pain. Please… It diffuses the energy in a different way, but still stays within. Depending on how I’m positioned, I’ve found I can take more and fly higher on the waves. Either way, there will come a time when my body is so full of this energy that it spills over. That’s when the tears start to fall, and I become wracked with sobs. My Dom will unhook me, or just turn me over, and cradle me in his arms as I empty away any and all stress I had, so I can just be…

I do love both types of release, with pain and without. Both need a level of trust that’s not easy to come by. 

Doms, what are some of your favourite ways to give your energy? Subs, what are your favourite ways to receive your Dom’s energy? 

I’ve been figged!

One thing Bob has been teasing Lexxi and I a lot over the weeks about was the possibility of being figged. For those who don’t know what that is, basically it’s shaving a piece of raw ginger and using it as a butt plug. It’s supposed to burn like hell, and is commonly touted as a punishment in a D/s relationship. Lexxi had vehemently *not* wanted to try it. 

Me, being somewhat of a masochist said “sure, I’ll give it a try.”  I could hear Bob’s evil laugh across the hundreds of kilometres…  

Erik told me how it’s supposed to burn for ages after it’s removed. He said he’d “laugh and laugh and laugh” at me when Bob mentioned he’d live tweet it. Gee, thanks for the encouragement there babe 😒😜.

The weekend before last, was it. The quad went out to grab something for dinner, and Bob chose his weapon as it were. He whittled that ginger into various plug shapes, teasing me by holding a piece to my clit before hand. The warming sensation slowly came over that area, and stayed for a while after it was removed. That made me wonder how it would feel inside my ass.

Kids in bed, Bob led me to the futon we have in the basement and told me to strip. Gun and Lexxi were around the corner and could hear and somewhat see everything happening. 

I laid face down and he slid a piece of ginger into my ass…I wiggled at the invasion. 

It started to warm pretty much immediately. Bob rubbed my ass and smacked it. Rub and smack. The burning increased and my breathing quickened. Breath hitching, I started to pant. That’s a technique I find I use with impact play and it’s feeling somewhat intense. It’s a way to focus through the pain to the sensation below it. 

I felt Bob move away slightly, then felt the heavy thud of Igg and Ook on my thighs, ass, back, and shoulders. God damn I love those floggers…they did their job and made me zone out. I felt those instead of the increasing burning in my ass. 

He then put those aside and I felt scraping across my ass. Ooh, the bear claws. My new favourite toys… I was panting and trying to control my breathing. Not easy. I was also trying not to make too much noise as our kids were 2 floors up. Biting the pillows below me, I could feel me struggling to keep in control. The burning in my ass was at an epic high, and had been for a while. Bob kept whispering what a good girl I was being, taking this so well. 

After he finished with the claws. He rubbed and kneaded my thighs. His hands moved up to my ass. Squeezing both cheeks, then separating them. That did it. I lost it. The tears fell and I was bawling as I lost that last thread of control. Bob pulled the ginger out of my butt and sat next to me. He enveloped me in his arms and let me savour the release and come down slowly. 

I apparently lasted 20 minutes with it inside me. 

My conclusions: holy fuck it was intense. I was happy to report that the white hot burning stopped when it came out of me, and lessened to a warming that I could easily handle. Would I do it again? Yes, but only in a place where I didn’t have to try to limit my actions or noise. It’s not something I’d want all the time, but the more I recall the experience, the more I can say that I did enjoy it. 

I guess I really am a masochist 😈

Thank you Sir 😌