Tightly strung

My hands slide over my body, slowly, languidly. My fingertips teasing down my sides as far down as my arms go, then back up again; up over my shoulders to the nape of my neck. They trail to my breasts and grasp my nipples, both at the same time. Twisting, pinching, pulling at the blue ring that is pierced through each nipple, I start to feel the electricity zinging through my body and it’s adding to the warm feeling that’s been permeating it all day. Harder, harder still I pinch and twist them. I start to groan quietly as my breath hitches.

My right hand moves down over my stomach and onto my mound, while my left continues to tweak my nipples. My middle finger lightly traces my slit, down then up. I can feel the silver ring that’s just below. As my finger moves down again, the skin parts and the tip feels my wetness below. I breathe out a moan. Another zing shoots throughout my body. My ring finger joins the middle finger between my pussy lips. After gathering some wetness, I start teasing my clit. It’s a hard nub under my fingers. Around and around it, up and down the sides. I grasp my clit hood ring and slide it back and forth, side to side, across and over my clit. Even pulling it up while I move it around. The tingling in my body gets intense, my breathing is becoming faster and more laboured. I feel that I’m approaching the edge of cumming.  

My left hand goes from breast to breast, squeezing handfuls and making my nipples hurt so the delicious pain radiates down to my core. The sensations keep building; I lie there as I take it all in, letting them wash over me. Licking and biting my lip, my brain flashes back to the taste of you on my lips. The feel of your cock in my mouth, on my tongue. Such an addicting feeling and taste…

I groan aloud as my body rides the ridge of my orgasm, teetering on the brink, but not wanting to go over. As I touch myself I can smell you, taste you, feel you, but my body just does not seem to want to give up an orgasm to myself right now. I take a deep shuddering breath and calm my hands down. My fingers pull out of my wetness and just softly caress the outside of my mound. Slowly my hands turn more nurturing than frantic. My body is still incredibly tightly strung, but doesn’t have the urgency it had a moment before, it’s like it wants to wait. For what, I’m not sure, but I’m learning to listen to my body, so I guess I’ll be patient for the time being.


For years, decades even, I would tell my husband that I didn’t orgasm easily. What I didn’t know then is I had only talking about ONE type of orgasm, a clitoral orgasm. Up until the past few years when I started breaking down my interior walls and really beginning to understand myself, I thought that was the only type of orgasm that a woman could have.

Boy was I wrong!

Personally I’ve identified the following in myself:

  • Clitoral – this is the most widely known and accepted. It’s the most toe curling, squealing, all encompassing type of orgasm that I’ve experienced. It leaves me exhausted and breathing heavy. For me, I don’t have this type during the act of sex itself very often. When I do, 99% of the time I’m riding him. 
  • Internal – while having sex, there’s a couple of spots inside which feel amazing while being rubbed by a penis (or fingers, or a toy).  1) Not far inside my opening, along the top is one. I’m pretty sure this is my g-spot. I can have a slow rise and release, or if it’s stimulated steadily for a longer period of time, it builds more and seems to be when I can squirt. This orgasm combined with clitoral is the ultimate for me. 2) The other is my cervix or right near it. I love my cervix being hit, even when it’s hard and it hurts. If it’s done for long enough, I can have a release that’s somewhere between the slow internal and the full on gspot one.
  • Commanded – this one is newer for me, and honestly surprised me that I could actually do. When I hear “cum for me” or similar from specific people, I feel a tightening deep inside my lower belly. It tightens, then crests and releases. It’s not as intense as any of the other orgasms I’ve had, but it’s certainly no less effective in getting me soaking wet, and very turned on. I don’t find it much of a satisfying release on its own though, it actually serves to make me more aroused and squirmy. When it’s used in conjunction to being fucked, I find it absolutely amazing. Especially when I can feel an internal one getting close…and then if I’m told over and over…yeah, that’ll leave me shuddering uncontrollably.

It was only after I started opening myself up that I looked within to realize that clitoral orgasms weren’t the only type I was actually having. Once I embraced that concept, I opened so many doors to even better sex and connecting with my partners. 
I recommend all women (well, all people really) try to accept themselves, look within, learn and understand your bodies. I think only when you can do this, you can be truly open to experiences beyond your imaginations. 

Plus it’s fun to learn stuff like this about yourself  😄


  • I totally forgot to add one other type of orgasm I’ve had a few times recently, and that’s the one achieved through sensation or pain (for me anyway since I’m a bit of a masochist). It’s similar to the lighter internal one. My insides tense while the sensations build to a low cresting crescendo.