#PolyProbs – Timing 

I think the most frustrating thing I find about polyamory is timing. Even when sharing Google calendars amongst your partners, nothing is straight forward. 

If I’m free and one of my partners isn’t. Or perhaps then I make plans only to find out he is free after all. If plans aren’t somewhat proactively made, it could be weeks or longer bereeen getting to spend time together. Plus for me, knowing when I’ll be seeing them again is something to look forward to (which is why we usually plan quad weekends in 3-6 month ahead chunks).

If there’s been something I’m wanting to discuss then I might need to sit on it for a while as the partner I want to talk to could be busy, or perhaps it’s better to be talked about in person which means weeks could possibly pass before it can be relayed and hashed out. Though if it’s important than I usually try to find a way to text and talk in the mean time, or else I’ll just stew and overthink it which is never good. 

Space is another big problem we face a lot, but that’s a whole other post…

This thought started out as a tweet, but quickly grew to more than 140 characters lol. 

Threesomes? Meh…

Maybe I’m off or out of the norm here, but I have zero interest in FMF or FFM threesomes. I’m not sure why really, but group sex as a whole hasn’t been a draw for me for a while now.

It’s not that I’ve had any bad experiences. To the contrary, every group experience I’ve been in, be it 3, 4, or more, has been fun. I’ve enjoyed myself thoroughly. I’m just finding Continue reading

*reblog * The Quad – My Poly Origins (Krys) —

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Hey, it’s me!  Friends of ours asked the quad to contribute to their blog.  In the recent past we’ve introduced ourselves, answered a reader question, and this time I detailed how I came to realize I was polyamorous.  Check it out!  Also check out the other stuff on their blog, if you haven’t already.


My brain these days…

I’m sorry for the recent blog blitz but this has been an interesting couple of months, both happenings wise, and mental figuring my shit out wise.  I’ve now posted the happenings recaps, so this blog is the mental one.  I’ve had some very intense feelings in my relationships with each of the men in my life, and have done a lot of internal soul searching in the process. Continue reading

Three Years and Counting!

The end of last month, January 26th to be exact, was the 3 year anniversary from when our Quad met.  I’ve explained it in a much earlier blog of mine, but here’s a quick refresher; we’d all been chatting on Twitter for a few months, along with some other couples, and a few of us decided to go to a meet and greet weekend at a hotel in Niagara Falls.  There were 6 couples that went.  Gun and I clicked right away with Bob and Lexxi and we ended up talking most of the day and evening, and hooked up that night.  From then we made monthly-ish visits to each others houses and after a few months we all noticed that our feelings had been deepening to something beyond friendship. Continue reading

Quad weekend: discussions, lessons, and spending quality time 

This past weekend was a quad weekend, but it was much more than that to me. It was also when Bob and I were going to sit down and have an in depth discussion about our D/s relationship.

It rained for the majority of our 5 hour drive, especially as we got closer to Bob and Lexxi’s place. Once we got there around 11pm, the dogs had their reunion, as did we. Having a drink or two as we stood around the kitchen (us, not the dogs 😉). Continue reading

Cuba trip, April 2015


I’ve decided to finally write up my recount, thoughts, and impressions of our trip to Cuba last month…Here goes:

We were all driven to the airport at stupid early o’clock in the dark of the morning, and were waiting on the plane to take off at 6:30am.  The bus ride to the resort was fun, the cervesas were flowing and we got to be known as the “loud ones at the back of the bus.”  Well Melissa, Chad, Gun and Lexxi did.  Bob and I were sitting more in the middle of the bus, but moved back there after some other people got dropped off at a different resort.

When Bob booked the trip through his travel agent, he was supposed to arrange that the 3 couples would have rooms all together.  Turns out that Bob and Lexxi were given a room in another building.  After explaining our plight to the front desk, they moved them into the bungalow that the rest of us were in, just down the hall.  We proceeded to get changed into our bathing suits and hit the pool bar…which was conveniently right outside of our bungalow (which Bob and Lexxi’s room faced).  We all got a little buzzed, okay a lot buzzed, and ended up talking to a few other people in the pool.  Melissa was her usual talkative self and would start up conversations with pretty much everyone, lol.  Over the course of the week, we met quite a few people, and ended up kind of having a group of people we hung out with.  I was never one of the “cool” kids in school, I usually stayed quiet and unnoticeable.  It was different to have others come over to us and want to hang out.  It was also really nice not to have to hide who we were.  We weren’t exactly flaunting it in everyone’s faces, all over each other, but we were our usual flirty selves, and people caught on and asked quite quickly.  There didn’t seem to be any judgement (other than hearing “that’s not for us, but cool!” a few times).

Lexxi, Melissa, and I all got massages one day, in view of the ocean.  Us girls and Bob went into town one day, and did a little shopping.  Lexxi and I caught the attention of an employee at the resort (more on that later, we’ll be doing a joint blog).  We went dancing at the resort disco a couple of nights, we watched one of the shows, we even had a group of people playing Cards Against Humanity one night.  We walked around the resort, we swam in the ocean, and spent a LOT of time in the pool with the swim up bar.  “Dos Sweet Babies, por favor” was said a lot to our usual bartender Doniel.  Actually most of the time we didn’t have to say it, he just looked at Lexxi or I, held up 2 fingers, and made them for us 🙂

Gun wasn’t feeling well a couple of the days there, he learned about the importance of staying hydrated.  Bob and Chad went snorkelling one morning,

We got to dine in 3 a la carte restaurants throughout the week.  We went to Seafood, Spanish, and Italian.  They all had good food, but the Italian was our favourite.

“Fun” wise, Lexxi and I ended up swapping rooms about every other night.  Gun, Bob and Chad each had a threesome with Lexxi and I.  Lexxi wrote up her recount of that afternoon, it was amusing when housekeeping came to re-stock the in room bar, just before we started.  We think the guy caught on to what was about to be happening 😉  The quad went down to the beach on our last night, Bob took a few pictures while Lexxi and I went skinnydipping, then had a little fun with Gun.  Other than that, there was a lot of flirting and just enjoying ourselves.  It was a fun, relaxing week.

The resort itself was beautiful, but you could tell it’s still working out some of the bugs since it’s so new.  We had all read the travel reviews, and honestly, for a communist country, at the end of an island, the minor things that happened weren’t unexpected.  Some travellers complained a lot, but we took it in stride.  We were spending a week with some of our closest friends, and with no responsibilities.  The weather was amazing (30+C and sunny all week), the food was plentiful (even if they ran out of some things throughout the week, there was more than enough to choose from), the staff were friendly and helpful, and did I mention unlimited alcohol?

Thanks to Gun, Bob, Lexxi, Melissa, and Chad for helping make it an amazing week.