For me, kissing is the ultimate turn on. In my experience it can relax, rile up, and ultimately connect two people. 

I love to kiss…

Spending an evening just making out is amazing. Granted if that’s as far as it goes, I’m parting as a dripping wet, turned on mess, but it’s still fun and worth it. 

If I gave up BDSM; the pain I love, D/s as a whole, and anything kinky, I would still need kissing in my relationship(s). 

I’ve found it’s a baser need of mine. Not just a want, but a need…


My report for Master

Yesterday afternoon I got a text from Bob letting me know that Lexxi had been given a task, and that he expected a full report from both of us the next day.  I had a date with Erik that evening after my aquafit class, but he assured me that it would be done after my date, and gave me the vague details.

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Kissing 💋

Kissing…I love to kiss. Really, really love to kiss. I rediscovered my passion for it a couple of years ago, when Gun was okay with me going to a local swing club and meeting some friends there. The male half of that couple and I spent the better part of the night making out. So much so that I had a spot on my upper lip rubbed raw by the time the night was over, lol! It was worth it though, he’s a damn good kisser. The thing is, Gun never seems to want to kiss me. I’ve talked to him about why I like it so much (partly being it’s a huge turn on for me, it’s a great foreplay activity, and it gets me all tingly and wet). He’s given me 2 different excuses now, so I don’t know what to make of it other than it makes me wonder if he just doesn’t like to kiss in general, or if it’s me personally he doesn’t like to kiss. It’s just something I really miss, I absolutely hate that we can sometimes go weeks without really kissing. I’m not talking a peck on the lips, but those soft, slow tongue kisses that can turn to hard passionate ones and back. Nibbles, licks, bites…mmm… *sigh* 😔

To clarify, I am not looking to recreate any previous experience I’ve had, I’m not comparing any of the people I’ve kissed before. I simply just want to kiss my husband sometimes.