Fluid bonded and condoms *post from Fetlife*

The following post showed up in my Fetlife timeline today and I found it very interesting. It made total sense to me, but had ways of defining fluid bonding that honestly I hadn’t before thought that in-depth about. This has been directly copied and pasted, and linked, with the permission of the author. 

Trblemaker’s original post on Fetlife
“So follow me on a little trip if you will. For sometime now, I have been at odds with the idea that “fluid bonding” only takes place during “unprotected” intercourse. I have struggled to see this as being true. I know some are going “Hold up a sec, what do you mean!?!?!” Just follow along, and maybe you will see what I mean.

So lets say I meet a girl, we shall call her….Samantha…Samantha Carter…hahahhaa, where are all my SG fans. Ok, back on track.

So Sam and I hit it off, and we decide to start dating. We go out a couple of times, and things are really good between the two of us. On one date, she decides to give me head before we go to dinner.No condom is used, and she takes down every drop I have to give. Are we now “fluid bonded?”

Now after dinner and a nice night out, we are back at her place, and one thing leads to another, and I decide to give her head.Again no condom is used and I do this until she is a soaking mess. Making sure to drink in as much of her as I can. Are we now bonded now?

The night ends, there is no “intercourse” on this night. Now I am sure for many reading this, they are going” Nope, you are not bonded, because you did not cum in her cunt.” But wait, did she not drink down all that I could give her? Did I not do the same to her?

We continue to date, and after a few more dates, we both find out that we are into “water sports.” (Oh I so just heard a bunch of you go “That’s just nasty!”)So one thing leads to another, and she allows me to piss all over her, and I her on me.Lets say that we even drink in a little of each other. Mind you, we have yet to have physical intercourse. Are we bonded now?

Now lets say that we are about two or three months into our relationship, and we decide that we want to scene together. So we do all our negotiations, and we decide that blood play will be ok, if skin is broken. Well in the mist of our play, I break her skin. She starts to bleed, and I decide to lick up her blood. (hahahahah more “nasty”) Are we bonded now?

So Sam and I have done all of these things now. We have enjoyed a great relationship up to this point. We have done all kinds of things to each other except have physical intercourse. So we decide that it is time for us to take that step in our relationship. Now the condom comes into play.

In talking about this next step, we agree that we are not ready to be “fluid bonded” to each other, so condoms are a must. Beside they help to prevent any STDS that might be out there. Mind you, we have already seen each others tests, and we are both clean. Oh but there is the chance we might get pregnant if we do not use them. Ok, well I have been fixed for 11 years now, and Sam for 6. Or maybe she is just on the pill.

I bring up all of these “what ifs” areas, because here is where my struggles with the idea of fluid bonding comes from.
See I personally believe that the moment you decide to “open mouth” kiss me, or to give me any form of oral sex, and I decide to do the same to you, and there is ANY fluid exchange. Well we are now fluid bonded!

At this point, I have drank in as much of you as I possibly can, so if you have something that did not show on your test, chances are pretty good, that I now have it! Now we are bonded, and that leaves me with one question….

What is the point of using a condom now?

Now I know a lot of people are going to be like… “Dude, WTF!?!?!” But before you blast me with your comments, just take a moment to think about what I am saying.

Now if you are the type of person that ensures that some form of protection is used in any and all sexual encounters, then this might not make much sense to you. But if you are the type that only sees a condom for use in intercourse….well….

Thank you for taking time to read this.



For years, decades even, I would tell my husband that I didn’t orgasm easily. What I didn’t know then is I had only talking about ONE type of orgasm, a clitoral orgasm. Up until the past few years when I started breaking down my interior walls and really beginning to understand myself, I thought that was the only type of orgasm that a woman could have.

Boy was I wrong!

Personally I’ve identified the following in myself:

  • Clitoral – this is the most widely known and accepted. It’s the most toe curling, squealing, all encompassing type of orgasm that I’ve experienced. It leaves me exhausted and breathing heavy. For me, I don’t have this type during the act of sex itself very often. When I do, 99% of the time I’m riding him. 
  • Internal – while having sex, there’s a couple of spots inside which feel amazing while being rubbed by a penis (or fingers, or a toy).  1) Not far inside my opening, along the top is one. I’m pretty sure this is my g-spot. I can have a slow rise and release, or if it’s stimulated steadily for a longer period of time, it builds more and seems to be when I can squirt. This orgasm combined with clitoral is the ultimate for me. 2) The other is my cervix or right near it. I love my cervix being hit, even when it’s hard and it hurts. If it’s done for long enough, I can have a release that’s somewhere between the slow internal and the full on gspot one.
  • Commanded – this one is newer for me, and honestly surprised me that I could actually do. When I hear “cum for me” or similar from specific people, I feel a tightening deep inside my lower belly. It tightens, then crests and releases. It’s not as intense as any of the other orgasms I’ve had, but it’s certainly no less effective in getting me soaking wet, and very turned on. I don’t find it much of a satisfying release on its own though, it actually serves to make me more aroused and squirmy. When it’s used in conjunction to being fucked, I find it absolutely amazing. Especially when I can feel an internal one getting close…and then if I’m told over and over…yeah, that’ll leave me shuddering uncontrollably.

It was only after I started opening myself up that I looked within to realize that clitoral orgasms weren’t the only type I was actually having. Once I embraced that concept, I opened so many doors to even better sex and connecting with my partners. 
I recommend all women (well, all people really) try to accept themselves, look within, learn and understand your bodies. I think only when you can do this, you can be truly open to experiences beyond your imaginations. 

Plus it’s fun to learn stuff like this about yourself  😄


  • I totally forgot to add one other type of orgasm I’ve had a few times recently, and that’s the one achieved through sensation or pain (for me anyway since I’m a bit of a masochist). It’s similar to the lighter internal one. My insides tense while the sensations build to a low cresting crescendo.