Hope *Kinklings Topic*

It’s been a long time since I completed a post for the FetLife group that I’m in. I’ve been meaning to for the past few, but don’t really have a good excuse.

Hope…what does it mean to me? Ultimately, the possible future. There are a lot of things I hope for.

I hope that my family stays healthy. I hope that my kids grow to have happy lives. 

I hope that my quad will one day reside in the same geographical location. LDR’s are difficult, but we’re making it work. Really though, I can’t see this possibly happening before we’re all retired. Family and job obligations keep us all tied to where we currently are. But the hope is still there. 

I hope to continue my exploration of BDSM soon. I’ve expressed my wants, and am left waiting patiently. 

I hope the relationship I’m developing with my boyfriend keeps going, now that we seem to be back on track. I’ve also really enjoyed getting to know his wife, and hope she becomes a good friend of mine (so far, so good in both circumstances.)

I hope my husband, and my poly spouses find and get what they want. Be it job wise, and/or in other relationships. I love them all and want them to be truly happy. 

I hope my best friend of over a decade recovers the best she possibly can from the major surgery she had on her back earlier this week. She’s a tough cookie, but has a long and arduous road ahead of her. 

Hope is what can get us through rough times, helps us look towards the light. Hope is what keeps us human, keeps us going. As long as we have hope for something, our lives feel like they have meaning.

If we lose hope in our lives, then there’s a major cause for concern. 

I hope that I mean something to some people. I have a few that definitely mean something to me, and they help instill hope in me…

Consent *Kinklings Topic*

Last week, I joined a FetLife group called The Kinklings. It’s a writing group that gives you a topic each week to write about. This is my first submission.

Consent is a big deal to me especially since I’ve started to, and want to explore more of my kinky side, particularly BDSM, bondage, and pain play. This is not something I would ever think of letting just anyone do to me, and I know my husband would not be comfortable with someone he didn’t know helping me explore that. I have delved into it with my other hubby Bob. Distance, timing and health reasons have prohibited much exploration for quite a while until last weekend. It was amazing, and though some people would not have wanted to do it, was fully consented to on my part. Communication is key to consent, just as communication is key to non-monogamy.

Consent is important.

Consent is trust.

Consent is imperative in this lifestyle I’ve chosen to live in.

Consent is sexy.

And consent can be taken away, if any of the things I’ve mentioned aren’t met.