Forbidden 2018

Soon after getting back from Forbidden last year, Gun declared that he wanted to attend the next one. I think I he was curious about it all, but the morning non-kinky grappling sessions finalized his decision to give it a try.

We had a year of planning. We had hoped to camp in a camper of some sort, but the one that was going to be lent to us fell through, so we were back to tent camping. That coupled with us not getting a serviced site, plus Bob’s health the month+ before had us evaluating if we were going to go right down to the end.

We did go. And I’m glad we did.

I am not a camper. While Forbidden is different for me, I still hate camping…the tents, crappy air mattresses, walking forever to pee in the middle of the night, and cooking and cleaning outdoors.

But as I said, Forbidden is different for me. (See previous posts if you’d like to read my other thoughts and know what camp has been like for me Forbidden 2017, Forbidden 2016). The people and atmosphere bring me in. Being able to immerse yourself in your uninhibited form is intoxicating. Timing and circumstances really hadn’t had me being submissive one-on-one with my Sir since April, so I was definitely also needing that reconnection time and a breakdown session at his hands.

This year we camped in the same row as a bunch of our friends.  It was awesome being able to reconnect with them, and also meet a few new friends.  We usually had people around our fire, or we were sitting around one of theirs.

I had my impact scene with Sir in the woods on Friday morning.  I was able to cross off two things on my Forbidden “bucket list” which were having a scene in the woods, and then getting fucked in the woods… I can’t deny that the swings they had there were quite comfy, and I’d have been happy to have someone serve me a drink when we were done so I could relax and enjoy the high… alas, we can’t seem to find a good service sub 😉.  We spent some time in the pool in the afternoon.

Saturday we attended a handfasting ceremony for friends of ours. Lexxi and I had created a headpiece that the bride wore.  It was the first time I had tried creating a wire headpiece and I think it came together beautifully. Some pool time was had between the ceremony and a pot luck dinner in celebration with the bride and groom later in the afternoon.  That evening we hosted the Scotch and Cigar Social, and again it was a rousing success. It technically runs for an hour, but many people hung around for a while after.

On Sunday, Lexxi and I were vendors in the kinkmart again.  I purposefully made a few pieces that were more affordable and ended up doing decently.  We had quite a bit of interest, and we heard that our products were talked about elsewhere in camp too. More pool time was had to cool down as it was hot as hell out, and moving all of our stuff (including our sun shelter) was exhausting.  Sunday evening, I took part in a group figging scene or sorts. Bob carved 7 pieces of ginger for the recipients, and he was the lucky one to insert them all. Most of the others gave up within 5 minutes. There was one of our friends and myself who actually lasted an hour.  I gave it up after I wanted to be able to sit down, and have our dinner as I was starving. By the way, it burned to some degree the whole time it was in there…

Monday late morning CaramelHashish poked my back with 18 gauge needles and gave me some beautiful purple ostrich feather wings, laced me up with green ribbon and adorned it with pretty jewels.  I loved it just as much as I remembered from the previous year. I was happy to see that I didn’t drop like a rock like I did last year, but I think that was because I had already had my breakdown scene (last year we didn’t do it until the Monday, and I felt on edge the whole weekend so asked for it sooner this year).  We decided to head home on Monday, so we spent the rest of the day slowly packing up, then spending some time at the pool before heading home.

We had a good time as a quad.  We could tell that Gun was bored for some of it, but I’d say he overall enjoyed himself, and we loved having him there.

Plans are to *not* go to camp next year.  As much as I love it, it’s quite expensive.  Next year Gun and I will have been married for 20 years, so I’d rather do a trip to somewhere warm and all-inclusive, and maybe take the kids.  So, unless the lottery comes in, it might not be until 2020 that I see Forbidden again.

I love camp!

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