My review of the novel “A Life Less Monogamous” by Cooper S. Beckett

My husband and I discovered the Life on the Swingset podcast shortly after we opened our marriage well over 6 years ago. Listening to Cooper, Dylan, Ginger, (and then co-host Shira) talk and share their experiences helped us a lot in navigating the early waters of non-monogamy, and helped us realize thoughts and feelings as they presented themselves along our journey back then.

I was so excited and totally shy fan-girled when I got to meet them at the Playground Conference this past February. I picked up autographed copies of Coopers two novels (I already had My Life on the Swingset on my Kindle). I just wish I had gotten Cooper to personalize them for me…but I digress.

Reading the adventures of Jennifer and Ryan in A Life Less Monogamous was an entertaining, and very real look at an entrance to swinging. It brought up a lot of thoughts and feelings when Gunnar and I went through it. Both in the excitement of having your eyes opened to this whole new world, negative things we did, to realizing you’ve found a rare but true connection with another couple. We were lucky to find a couple who we call our “other other halves” just over a year into our journey (and we celebrated our 5 year “quadversary” this past January).

It’s a great read that draws you in right from the beginning. The characters are real, they make mistakes, and they have heart. I think anyone who’s seriously considering opening their marriage, especially for swinging, should add this book to their MUST READ list.

I can’t wait to dive into the pool in Approaching The Swingularity next!

One thought on “My review of the novel “A Life Less Monogamous” by Cooper S. Beckett

  1. Loved this book, it was such a great read.

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