Forbidden 2017

*Warning: one picture included below involves blood, it’s from consensual needle play.

This year I was able to book off the Friday and was on holidays the following week, so I could be there every day of Forbidden.

For those who don’t know, Forbidden is a yearly kinky camping event in southern Ontario at a gay men’s campground. They open their doors three times a year for us kinky and open minded folk, Forbidden being one of them. The camp ground is beautiful and well kept. There’s a salt water pool, a rec hall that they hold activities in, a food truck/cantina kind of thing if you don’t feel like camp food, a tent with donated play equipment, and a forest full of fun kinky equipment at our disposal. Us attendees also plan all sorts of activities for anyone to join in throughout the weekend.

Last year I camped with Bob and Lexxi, and a bunch of their friends. There were a dozen or so of us who had sites all in a row. The drawback was there was no shade and the sun was brutal. This year the three of us decided to go for a fully serviced site, so it was in the more established section with all sorts of trees plus we had power and water at our disposal. Our site was close enough to the pool, but not so close that people encroached on our site. The row we were on this year was laid back and relaxed. Most of our friends were in the more “party” type row. Since we went to sleep by 1am most nights, I’m kinda glad we were in the quieter area lol.

The weather was looking iffy the weeks leading up to the weekend, so we didn’t know what to expect. Friday it rained off and on all day, with a particularly heavy downpour in the late evening. Poor Bob got trapped in the bathroom, and ended up getting soaked after seeing it wasn’t letting up for a while. Other than that the weather was lovely, albeit a little cool at night.

One first that happened for me over the weekend was getting clothes peg zippered. Bob strung a line of clothes pegs together with twine and had fun pinning them to me, and taking them off. They were cheap clothes pegs so there was only so much skin they’d hold on to, but the pinch and resulting sting had me writhing happily. It’s definitely something I’d like to do again 😀IMG_5675

We hosted the Scotch and Cigar social on Saturday evening. Like last year, it seemed to be a big hit. There was probably a couple dozen people that came to it throughout the hour++. Lexxi and I helped serve for the first hour, making sure our guests had cups, ice, ash trays, or ways to prepare their Cigar if needed. Sir arranged it so we were only serving for an hour this year, so it was also nice to be able to socialize some with our fellow campers as well. People watching at this event is amazing, as there are so many types of dynamics that come to it. Some Dom’s bring their own submissive to serve them, some submissives come on their own to enjoy. We saw a formal Scotch service performed a couple of times (I really need to try doing that with my partners, I think they’d all enjoy it), a human ash tray, and two people were also performing foot worshipping during the event (that is something I’d like to have someone do on me next year at some point). It was a great time and we heard a lot of positive feed back throughout the rest of the weekend.

Lexxi and I participated in the Kinkmart on Sunday morning/early afternoon. We set up a table with our chainmaille and jewelry items. It was a great first experience for us. Lexxi sold two bracelets during it. I didn’t sell anything then, but had one camper contact me before camp asking for earrings to match her collar, and our good friend CaramelHashish bought two anklets from me the first day we were at camp lol. We also had a bunch of inquiries and a couple of custom orders. I’m quite proud of us 🙂FullSizeRender (1)

I had another first happen for me on Sunday: needle play. It’s something that’s intrigued me for a while now. Bob tried to set up something for me last year, but since I was only there for a short time it didn’t allow. CaramelHashish was the sadistic artist, who gave me wings :). Before starting she was asking me if I was okay with 18 gauge needles as that’s really the minimum that could be used to support the feathers. I shrugged and said “sure”; I have three 14 gauge piercings below my neck, and did alright with those. I found out that most needle play is with 22 gauge or smaller, so some are squeamish with the larger gauge needles. I’d never had it done before, and I do enjoy pain, so I figured why not?

I laid on my stomach on the massage table not fully knowing what to expect. Caramel had me take a deep breath just before she poked me the first time. It hurt, I shit you not, but it was the type of short stingy pain that I love. By the third or fourth needle I literally almost orgasmed on the table from that sensation alone. The rest of the time the needles were being put in me had me trying not to squirm from the awesome stingy pleasure. I had 10 needles put in my back by Caramel while Sir watched over me. When they were done I asked him if I may cum. He agreed and cum hard I did… Caramel said she was impressed as that was the first time she had someone orgasm on her table lol. Sir took me on a short walk of the pool area and campground while they were in. My red turkey feather wings were in for a half hour before they were taken out, and rather sadistically too, Caramel had fun finger painting with my blood on my back lol. I did really enjoy the whole scene though. I was floating high for many hours after. (Warning, a picture including blood follows)IMG_5707IMG_5712

Lexxi had scenes that day with LadyAnna, Bob, and then was in the midst of a wax scene with Caramel when I had the urge to sit at Bob’s feet. For once I didn’t overthink it and just did it. As soon as his hand touched my hair I lost it. I dropped like a rock. I alternated between crying, and trying to rein myself in for a good hour or so. It came in waves. I hadn’t dropped that abruptly in ages, and it was so relieving to have Sir there when I did. It was the first time I’d had that luxury. The sucky thing about long distance relationships is when I’d done that in the past, it usually resulted in me curling up alone until it passed or I could wrangle it under control. It was a pleasure to be able to have him there, and to be able to fall asleep in his arms that night.

Sir gave me some cute quill cat whiskers Monday afternoon. I wore them with the cat ear, collar and cuff set he gave me for my birthday. I loved it.IMG_6072

Monday after dinner Sir and I went to the play tent so we could have an impact/breakdown session. I find myself so much more settled and focused when I can have a session like that every three or so months. Timing wise had it almost double that for us, so we were both looking forward to it. I was blindfolded, had my clothes cut off, and was strapped to the spanking horse. Then Sir proceeded to use all sorts of implements on me, enjoying the flow of energy from sadist to masochist and back again. Some of the toys I could identify (fucking evil sticks!), and some I wasn’t sure on, but I reveled in it and enjoyed them all until I was a sobbing, snotty mess who had cum all over myself. I felt shaky but more whole than I had in a while when we walked back to our campsite.

Otherwise my weekend was spent relaxing by the pool (I love swimming nekkid!), hanging with friends and making new ones, watching the cabaret one night, talking chainmaille and wire crafting, chatting around a campfire and seeing some “shooting stars” from the Perseid meteor shower, going dancing for a bit at the Masquerade ball, having a three some, admiring the ponies and other lovelies walking around, watching various rope scenes (after watching Caramel, I’m curious about rope suspension), enjoying some wine with my poly wife/sister sub, and just generally soaking up the open minded, awesome atmosphere that is camp. And mostly, reinvigorating my submissive side and reconnecting with Sir. It had been a tough few months for all of us for various reasons, but camp and the week after has left me feeling more centred than I’ve felt in a while.

Oh, and after we got home Gun said he wants to join us next year. Yay!

I love camp!

2 thoughts on “Forbidden 2017

  1. TwistedboB says:

    Glad you enjoyed yourself.. It was a fun weekend

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