Warmbuns Bed and Dungeon

Bob and I decided last fall to try to have 3 weekends a year to ourselves where we can concentrate on our D/s relationship without any interruptions. At the end of March he arranged for us to spend the weekend at a kinky bed and breakfast that is about half way between each other. The week before we were scheduled to go Bob had a major fibormyalgic crash (so bad he went to the hospital to make sure it wasn’t anything medically serious), so I wondered if we’d even be able to get away that weekend. It turns out that after a few days rest he felt able to go, but knew we’d be altering some of what he wanted to do, to be able to be able to pace himself properly.

I arrived there about 8pm on the Friday night to find Bob waiting for me in the driveway. We went in and met the M/s couple whose house we were staying at, and they gave us the tour of the basement where we’d be staying. It’s a nice size bungalow in the country; the basement having a large entertainment area with a pool table, couches and tv, a kitchenette, and the bathroom. Down the hall was a bedroom, and two dungeon areas with various apparatus (one large one, and a smaller one). The only thing is the basement isn’t closed off to the rest of the house, it’s not a separate entrance. The stairs from their kitchen/living area reach down to where the pool table is. I wasn’t sure how I would feel with it being somewhat open like that, but I was okay. The couple and their dogs totally respected our privacy, and we figure they have the basement well insulated as they didn’t hear us at all the first night anyway (so they told us Saturday morning, I didn’t ask beyond that). Included in the two night stay was breakfast both mornings, and dinner the second night. We took all meals upstairs with the couple who runs the B and B. They were friendly, polite, and the food was great. I’m guessing if a couple decided to take their meals downstairs to be alone, that would be respected.

Sir isn’t one that is big on formal protocols, so between that and him still recovering, it was a rather relaxed weekend on that front. We scened more than we ever have in such a short time. Usually it takes us a good 6+ months at least to have 4 decent scenes. The only thing I had asked for was to have a session at some point where I was broken down and left a sobbing mess. I find I need those stress resets every few months.

Friday night I was strapped to the spanking horse in the main dungeon area and Sir gave me a sensation session. He used various implements on me, but the purpose was a warm up to the weekend. Some sex, cuddling, and chatting rounded out our night.

Saturday morning after breakfast we got to try out this really cool table that they have. I was strapped face up, and my nipples were put in the butterfly clamps above me, then slowly pulled upward. I then received my first real caning. The fronts of my thighs are still a little dark in areas from this awesome session even now a month later. When we were done, I got re-dressed and we decided to head out to drive around the area and see what was there. As I was standing by the table in the kitchenette, Sir came up behind me and started nibbling my neck. I love to be bit on the neck and ears, the harder the better. I was a trembling mess standing in his arms when he ordered me to the bedroom (good timing as I was making a mess of my panties). Some hot, amazing sex ensued and it had me soaking the towel we placed under my butt. We got re-dressed and headed out to the local wine country.

We hit up a couple of the wineries, and ended up having lunch with Lexxi and Clay, who had decided to spend the day in the wine country area. That evening, after a great dinner including some delicious wine purchased that day, we retired downstairs for the evening.

First, Sir strapped me to the chair that was in the smaller dungeon room, blindfolded me, and used the Neon Wand on me. I definitely find that I’m more sensitive on my front than my backside and was squirming and swearing at him the entire time. Lol! After hooking the body contact under one of the straps holding me to the chair, Sir tried out various things on me including testing out 4 different evil sticks to see which one was the most evil, and if using them with the body contact hurt as much as thwacking them does (results, they all hurt like motherfuckers however they’re used. Lol). I usually can relax into pain, absorb it, and fly. I don’t know if it was because it wasn’t my ass that was being beat, but I just couldn’t sit still. I was alert and on edge the entire time. I just couldn’t stay still. After he had his fill torturing me that way, he led me to the other dungeon area and strapped me to the spanking horse again. This time, the purpose was an emotional release. I quickly fell under the spell of Igg and Ook, his florentine floggers, along with his new flogger (that has the metal skull beads at the end), along with whatever other devices he used on me. Usually it takes Sir a good 45-60 minutes to get me to the point of breakdown during sessions like that, but I think he was at it for maybe a half hour, if that, when he got me orgasming, sobbing, and snotty. I figure it was because of the previous scenes that weekend. We spent the rest of the evening cuddling and enjoying our time together.

The next morning, we had breakfast with our host couple, then finished packing and headed off in our separate directions.

It was a fantastic connective weekend, and I’m thankful that we were able to have it. Usually the only alone time we get on quad weekends are at bedtime, and especially when my kids are in the house, I can only let go so much. Sessions like we had are rare. Oh, the fun of long distance D/s. Lol.

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