Again please

I’ve had some stories, or scenes more like, floating around in my head lately. I wrote one down…I may write more in the near future. I hope you enjoy 🙂


She heard the whistle of the whip a split second before it hit her ass. The sting was immediate and fierce. She cried out as the sensation spread like wildfire throughout her body. She could feel it radiate starting from the point of impact and spark up her arms, down her legs, and settled hotly in her core.

Breathing heavy she whispered, “again please Sir.” The second impact rang through her, echoing the first. The throbbing in her pussy grew more pronounced, more insistent.

“Another one Belle?” he asked.

“Yes please Sir” she moaned.

Again and again, three, four more times at least, she lost count. She was panting hard, thrashing about, and groaning. Release was so close…

With another strike he murmured “cum” by her ear.

The reaction was instant. Blinding, scorching, she orgasmed and soaked the bed she was laying on.

His hand gently caressed her rear, soothing the red welts left behind from the whip. “Are you ready for more Belle?”

“Mmm…yes please Sir,” came her mumbled reply.

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