*reblog* Making love is…

Oh, hell yes! 😍

The Sermons From The Gutter.

Being able to peel away yet another layer of complexity,

revealing a new layer of sensation,

a new depth of mental intercourse,

a stroking of a new found dendrite,

the penetrating energy surge into yet another of one’s deepest recesses of an already excitable psyche,

the charged contact,

a mere finger tip,

feather like touch,

ignite a fire on a nerve ending,

hot blood rushes, goosebumps ripple over every inch, each one a potential trigger,

tiny staccato orgasms, that make you shiver at first, as they build to almost convulsions,

the erogenous exploration inside and out of an entire being,

of merging at every pore, molecule and atom, transcending into and through each other,

transfigured animal like, violently pounding flesh producing musky heady scent,

relentless in the pursuit of activating every nerve ending and neuron at once,

an electrical surge on impossibly arched back primal scream blurred vision in unimaginable…

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