Subdrop:The temporary depression experienced by submissives/masochists after intense BDSM play. (Source: Urban Dictionary)

I do believe that drop isn’t just a thing for subs, masochists, Doms, or even have to include BDSM play. I think anyone can get it. Con Drop is something that people who’ve been to “lifestyle” conferences regularly talk about.

In my opinion and experiences I tend to feel a drop of some sort after an encounter where energy has been exchanged, and positive connections have occurred. 

When together for our quad weekends I tend to feel a drop 2-3 days after. I’m riding the high until I subconsciously realize that the energy I was steeped in isn’t physically present any longer, then down I go. If BDSM play occurred and the scene was particularly intense and connective, I often feel the drop much more strongly. There have also been times when the delay hasn’t happened. I’ve left dates and ended up bawling in the car on my way home because I was left feeling so open and vulnerable, and then when our time together had to end I crashed hard.

This is where I’m getting better with self care. Taking time to do things I like, like chainmaille or colouring. Maybe taking a bubble bath, or enjoying some chocolate and/or wine. What would probably work best in times of drop for me would be to curl up in the lap of the loved one I had felt connected to. Since that’s an impossibility 99% of the time I’ve gotten pretty self sufficient in this, or then Gun sometimes gets extra cuddles if I’m really needing to feel arms around me.

I’m writing this as I’m starting to feel the descent from the high that was our #VeryPolyNewYears weekend. From Thursday to Monday we had loves and friends surrounding us. It was awesome to be able to give New Years kisses to all of my loves right after midnight. I felt so blessed. Between that and a thorough D/s talk with Bob, the energy this past weekend is one I’ll have to be careful to land as softly as possible from…dropping is hard.

I’m hoping writing it out now will shut my brain up so I can go back to sleep.

2 thoughts on “Drop

  1. Nuginto says:

    Drop most certainly is something I think everyone experiences providing they have things in their life they are 100% open to. There are nilla events I go to regularly with people I don’t often see most of the year and I feel drop after leaving them because the energy we build together is over. I often talk about when my depression felt “safe” and I think people who haven’t been there don’t really get it. The safety of depression is that you never fully engage in life so it prevents you from the full drop. The flip side is that you never fully experience the positives either. In the end I think those who choose to love and live as fully as you do come out on top for it even if the drop is hard. So rock that selfcare and look forward to the next!

    • Krystalla says:

      You have some insights here I hadn’t really thought of. I don’t suffer from depression, but have felt since opening myself up I do feel emotions that much more intensely. I’ve wondered if I should just give up this whole lifestyle as it can be hella hard sometimes…but the benefits outweigh the negatives and I can’t hide from something I’m finding is so intrinsically me.

      Thank you for your thoughts Nug *hugs* 😊

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