My weekend with Sir

Sir and I had been in discussions about a weekend away together for quite some time, but it never materialized.  We’ve only been away together once and that was within the first year of the quad getting together (so like 3 years ago now).  Even the last time we had an entire weekend to ourselves was a swap weekend over two years before.  So, we all discussed it and booked a date at the end of November to have another swap weekend.  This would be my first weekend together with Bob since we added D/s to our dynamic, so I was a little nervous but extremely excited.  We do have some things in our day-to-day life, plus when the four of us are together, but it’s not the same as one-on-one time.  The place that Sir had been looking at for us to go was booked, so a weekend for us at Bob and Lexxi’s house was decided.

We discussed what was to be expected of the weekend a little before hand, and he laid out a few protocols for me.  Nothing too in-depth, but it was a good way to introduce me to a more immersive couple of days.

I left work an hour early on the Friday, grabbed some dinner, and prepared for my 5 hour drive.  I listened to some music, a podcast or two, and also put on a playlist of songs that I had created to help get me in the mindset.  You know that there are a lot of songs that refer to D/s and/or BDSM? If you know of any, please feel free to add them to the comments as I’m on the lookout for more 😉

Sir and I had agreed to meet at a friend’s house, as there was a birthday party there that night.  We knew we wouldn’t stay long, but I’d get to say hello to some people I know in the area that I hadn’t seen in awhile.  Sir greeted me at the door, and soon I was saying hello and hugging a bunch of people I knew and a few I had talked to on-line in the past.  When I went into the kitchen, a chorus of “Krys!” welcomed me.  There were a good half dozen people I knew rather well from camping this past summer were all in there.  A comment was made by someone that I was like “Norm!” from Cheers. I laughed and felt pretty special right then 🙂

We bid our goodbye’s about a half hour later. The drive wasn’t a long one, so soon enough we were unloading my stuff and heading into the house.  I said hello to the dogs, then heard “get your collar kitten” from Sir.  I quickly went to my suitcase and pulled out my blue leather collar and proceeded to the room that they have reserved for exercise and play scenes.  I removed my clothing and kneeled on the pillow that Sir had placed at his feet. I handed him my collar and lifted my hair so he could put it on me.  This small greeting ritual that we’ve had for over a year now has always been precious to me.  With our time apart it helps me clear my mind, and focuses on him.  With the physical distance and time between in-person visits, it’s important.  Though I am finding I don’t need it to get into that mindset like I used to, I’m there pretty much constantly these days.

I was instructed to go downstairs and wait kneeling on the bed while waiting for him.  It didn’t take long before he was downstairs and I was told to get on all fours.  I sucked in a breath as Sir struck my ass with the dark wood paddle that he has.  I don’t recall all that he whacked me with as there were a few things, but they were just a warm up really.  I was told to turn over after a few good hits.  I watched as Sir shed his clothes and seated himself between my thighs.  Reconnection like this is one of my favourite things…though after a few orgasms, he got a gleam in his eye and started slapping my breasts.  One then the other, then he slapped my cheeks.  I could feel the world fall away and something rise up inside me.  I growled and grabbed his arms.  Pushed and pulled, scratched at him, all the while fucking him actively from underneath.  At one point, Sir leaned back and stilled himself.  Looking at me, his thumb found my clit and started circling it.  I groaned loudly and could feel the liquid pouring out of me at his insistence.  He resumed his onslaught, but I could feel the surrender outweighing the fight inside me.  We both ended up breathless and tangled together, laying on the bed.  When I got up to get us some water, I saw the large wet spot on the bed. I’m not generally that much of a squirter, but had managed to leave a spot about a foot long.  “It seems you’re rivaling Lexxi tonight,” he quipped. “Apparently so!” I laughed in disbelief.

After gaining our legs, we headed upstairs and outside to the hot tub.  We soaked and talked for a while, about everything and nothing.  About our day to day lives, and about our other relationships.  Catching up and filling each other in.  Soon after we were cuddled on the couch, then decided to head to bed…we were both starting to doze off.

The next morning we got lost in each other before I got up to get his coffee, and myself a tea.  We had a relaxing morning, just enjoying each other’s company.  I had a quick shower then Sir picked what I was to wear, and we got dressed so I could go meet the dark grey kitten that I will be bringing home to my family in January.  He’s so cute!

After a light lunch back at home, I took an antihistamine and prepared myself to be poked with porcupine quills.  After laying face down on the massage table, Sir sprayed my back and legs with some polysporin to disinfect my skin; it was cold!  Then he started to poke me. Some areas I barely felt going in at all, others there was a delightful sting.  My lower back, and my calves were particularly pleasantly ouchy.  After putting in a dozen or so, he started playing with them.  Running his hands lightly over the quills covering me.  I got the idea of what a cat with whiskers could feel when brushing against something.  It was rather surreal.  He also would take individual quills and move them, push them, pull them slightly.  Depending on where on my body they were, the sensation ranged from slight to stinging.  When he pulled them out slowly, I could feel my skin stretch slightly before it gave up and released the quill.  I loved it.  While I was reveling in all that, all of a sudden one quill poked me on the base of my foot.  That hurt like hell, and not in a good way!  I yelled “OUCH!” and felt my foot shoot up.  Sir laughed…damned sadist. I warned him not to put his face close to my foot should he ever do that again, as he may get booted full on. Lol!  I had learned before that bottoms of my feet are one spot that hurt painfully on me when they’re hit.  After he removed them all, he sprayed me down with rubbing alcohol and some polysporin again.  It was slightly stingy, but mostly it was just cold. Lol!  Sir had me turn over and asked if I’d like some quills on my front side.  I was game for it.  After disinfecting my front side, he proceeded to poke me on the breasts, collar bone, and right on my pussy.  All of those ranged from “not bad” to “oh fuck that hurt, but in a good way”, until he decided to try the centre of my nipple itself.  That was another “OUCH!” spot on me.  I think he was happy to note that…after we were done he wrapped me in a blanket and helped me over to the couch in the living room.  We cuddled for a few minutes as I relaxed and settled myself.  Then I got him a scotch (with his help as I didn’t know where he stashed the one that he wanted) and I poured myself a glass of wine, and we snuggled and chatted.

A little later on, Iet and urge I’ve been having for a while come to the forefront.  I got down on my knees in front of him and lavished some attention on his cock.  Since his surgery at the beginning of the summer, I hadn’t really taken the time to reacquaint myself with it.  During our other times together especially after he healed, it’s been more of a “fit in as much as we can in the limited time alone” type of situation.  This weekend overall we decided to take things slower.  At a more relaxed pace.  I was enjoying myself, and from the noises Sir was making, it seemed he was as well.  I didn’t have an end goal in mind. If he came in my mouth, I’d be ecstatic (it’s not something he does easily or often at all), but my want was just to enjoy so enjoy I did.  When Sir moved to grab my hand, he ordered me to the downstairs bed.  We proceeded to have an enthusiastic bout of connective sex that had me soaking myself by my own splashback, and left me in a puddle roughly the size of the one I’d made the night before.  I laughed in disbelief again. Lol!

Another shower was to be had, then we got dressed and ready for dinner.  We shared a bottle of wine and a delicious dinner at a lovely restaurant that was on the canal.  We spent the rest of the evening curled up with each other, reading, talking, and just enjoying being together.

I loved waking up wrapped in Sir’s arms, with him then over and inside me.  Some coffee and a shared shower where we thoroughly washed each other later, Sir picked my clothes, we got dressed and headed to brunch with his girlfriend and her boyfriend, who were returning from a special weekend away of their own.  Last minute packing, quickly trying out the impact toy that I’d made from chainmaille, and heading out on the road were the rest of my morning.  I ended up picking up the kids before I got home to Gun and Lexxi (who was staying the week since the following weekend was our regularly scheduled quad weekend).

I really enjoyed spending the weekend with Sir, being able to immerse myself in our dynamic.  We’ve since talked about it, and have a few ideas of things we’ll add the next time we’re able to. Overall, this helped show me that a day to day life like this is something I’d relish.  To be honest, it’s both wondrous and painful to know…

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