Subspace processing 

This past weekend was supposed to be a quad weekend, but it ended up being just me heading to see Bob and Lexxi since Gun had to work late Thursday and Friday nights. It really sucked that he wasn’t there, but sometimes things can’t be helped. I was glad I got to go though, there have been some things happening with Bob lately that I’m processing, so being able to see and talk to him in person helped so much. It’s all positive, but it’s still a change and I’m working through it. 

This entry isn’t a weekend recap though, it’s more a processing thing from the impact session between Bob and I. It was very connective, the energy between sadist and masochist was in full force.

As I knelt on my pillow and Sir buckled my collar on me, I felt at peace. Then I laid face down on the massage table, a bit was strapped to my head and I settled in. I don’t know what he did differently, but after the first few varied blows I felt an intense head rush that I embraced, floated, and flew with. Over the session I could identify the florentine floggers, two different paddles, a metal cane, a split rattan cane, a different flogger, the evil stick, a leather strap, and his bare hand. I noticed I didn’t cry out much like I have often in other sessions. Even Sir mentioned afterward that my reactions weren’t as much this time. My only thought why is that I hit subspace that much quicker. I could feel the strikes, hits, and slaps, but the pain aspect was dulled somewhat. I felt like a veil was over me, I was totally there, I enthusiastically asked for more at times, but the build up to a breakdown I often feel wasn’t there. When I did crack, it was sudden and all encompassing.

The pleasure part rang through loud and clear throughout though. Any orgasms I wanted to have were mine, and I was able to cum a few times from the impact alone. Plus Sir had found another spot on my body the night before that triggers the same sort of orgasm…to say I was soaked when I finally was able to get off of that table is an understatement. It took me quite a while to come down enough after breaking to get up and shuffle to the living room. Sir held me until I was able to fully come back to earth and speak coherently. I rose so quickly, but it took longer drifting back to earth.
It was amazing.

Showing pictures of my bruises and talking with Bob briefly about it today, he mentioned that he was hitting deeper for the most part. The brightest marks are from the strap, which is more a surface hit. The paddles and his hand are deeper and don’t leave obvious marks as easily, though they’re sure felt… I’m wondering if the deeper impact is what sent me hurtling into space that much quicker.

I guess we need to test that out. You know, for science!

The quad is having a “wife swap” weekend at the end of the month. Lexxi is coming to our house since Gun is on call, and it looks like Bob and I are heading to a bed and breakfast dungeon*. We’re planning on a high protocol weekend for the two of us. We still have to discuss and iron it all out, but it’ll be interesting, plus quite the learning experience. My thinking is this “experiment” will pick up again then 😉
* update: apparenlty the bed and breakfast dungeon isn’t happening, but something will be figured out…

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