Self discovery thoughts on a Friday afternoon

Have you ever learned something about yourself you almost wished you hadn’t? Part of me has wondered about that lately. I look back at myself 5 years ago, and see a girl who was living locked up; I had such thick and high walls surrounding me…which doesn’t sound great, but since those walls started crumbling, now I find that I just feel so much. I can’t stuff things down like I used to be able to and it can make things difficult, but I guess is a good thing overall. But with these self discoveries, I’ve also had times where I’ve felt more inherently me, naturally whole, and it’s been truly incredible. I just find that I have a hard time in between those moments, or when those moments are few and far between. Continue reading

#PolyProbs – Timing 

I think the most frustrating thing I find about polyamory is timing. Even when sharing Google calendars amongst your partners, nothing is straight forward. 

If I’m free and one of my partners isn’t. Or perhaps then I make plans only to find out he is free after all. If plans aren’t somewhat proactively made, it could be weeks or longer bereeen getting to spend time together. Plus for me, knowing when I’ll be seeing them again is something to look forward to (which is why we usually plan quad weekends in 3-6 month ahead chunks).

If there’s been something I’m wanting to discuss then I might need to sit on it for a while as the partner I want to talk to could be busy, or perhaps it’s better to be talked about in person which means weeks could possibly pass before it can be relayed and hashed out. Though if it’s important than I usually try to find a way to text and talk in the mean time, or else I’ll just stew and overthink it which is never good. 

Space is another big problem we face a lot, but that’s a whole other post…

This thought started out as a tweet, but quickly grew to more than 140 characters lol.