Body conscious

Everyone has issues w/ their bodies. Mine generally are my lower stomach and my boobs.

Yes, I know others will say they’re fine, great even. I’ve accepted them, I know there’s only so much they’ll change, but I’m still allowed to not be 100% ecstatic with something on myself. I’m a bigger girl. My thighs have always touched. I’ve always had a pooch on my tummy, but my lower abdomen across the bottom and sides hasn’t been the same since giving birth to my second kid. I can’t fault him as I wouldn’t change it for the world, but still I wish it didn’t look like so. Even when I was a good 35 lbs lighter a couple of years ago though, that stomach thing was still there.

My lob-sides boobs have always annoyed me. They started growing when I was in grade 5, I was about 10-11 years old. Someone made a comment about them back then and being the shy girl I was, it caused me to withdraw more. I don’t even remember what the comment was, probabmy something as silly as “Krys is getting boobs!” Still, it made me hunch over and keep to myself. They stopped growing at a B cup when I was in about grade 7-8 (around 13-14 years old), so that didn’t really help. I’m only a C now because I’m considered obese for my height and bone structure. My boobs are the first thing I loose weight in, and the last I gain in. My hubby doesn’t care, he’s an ass man (and I have fuller than average hips and thighs, which I do love). But my other two guys do appreciate busty women.

Over the past 6 years though, I’ve come to make peace with, accept, and appreciate myself and my body. I truly do love my hips; I’m curvy. My ass is round and full. I’m more “pear” shaped since my boobs don’t match my hips, but I do still like my curves.

I’m more happy being me than I ever have been, but I still find flaws in myself.

I think that’s it though. You always will find issues…it’s acceptance and self love, regardless of said issues, that needs to happen.

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