I really hate feeling needy and vulnerable. 

As a fiercely independent woman, feeling the need that I do with my submission can scare the shit out of me, and it honestly annoys me to no end. I’m not used to needing anything like this.

I’m finding since I’ve opened up this side of me, Continue reading


For me, kissing is the ultimate turn on. In my experience it can relax, rile up, and ultimately connect two people. 

I love to kiss…

Spending an evening just making out is amazing. Granted if that’s as far as it goes, I’m parting as a dripping wet, turned on mess, but it’s still fun and worth it. 

If I gave up BDSM; the pain I love, D/s as a whole, and anything kinky, I would still need kissing in my relationship(s). 

I’ve found it’s a baser need of mine. Not just a want, but a need…