Mark my body, please…

I love seeing marks left on my body by loved ones. Knowing others who don’t like when they happens to them, I’ve wondered why. Is it the sight of them specifically?

Since embracing my masochistic side, I enjoy what happens to make the bruises, welts, and scratches. But is it them specifically that I like?

I think it’s not necessarily the marks themselves that I like, but the visual reminder of an amazing time had with a wholly trusted partner. Sure the colours can fade prettily, but it’s looking at them that gets me smiling. Or, in the case of bruises on my ass, neck, or other places I seem to unconsciously touch often, the biting pain reminder for a little while after. Plus, I do seem to be more of a visual learner.

I was asked the other week if I’d choose between a stingy pain or a thuddy one. I love both within a scene, but generally thuddy sensations make me zone out and relax. Stingy or bitey sensations wake me up and can totally turn me on. Use both in conjunction, pushing and edging me on… 😍😍😍

Seeing bruises, scratches, or welts, reminds me of times as such that happened recently. Since my primary live-in partner isn’t into that kind of thing, it’s really a few and far between happening for me. Well, some months fewer and far betweenier lol. Scheduling time and place…the fun of polyamory!

So, if you ever see me sit down and involuntarily wince and smile, you know what probably happened within a day or so. If I gaze dreamily at a red mark, now you have an idea why.

I know they’ll fade, way sooner than the memory ever will, but it’s still a reminder I cherish for a period of time.

6 thoughts on “Mark my body, please…

  1. dave94015 says:

    Reblogged this on dave94015 and commented:
    what do bruises, welts or scratches remind you? And which do you prefer for pain: thuddy or stingy sensations? Krystalla gives her opinions here.

  2. dave94015 says:

    Sometimes bruises or welts come with the experience when you get so involved. Scratches are common all the time. Unfortunately your primary isn’t into all that because he doesn’t want to hurt you? Luckily you’re in a poly situation an another can supply the things you need.

  3. I absolutely love being marked up. I love the pain of being bit but also the reminder of who put the marks on my body. I think it helps me feel loved even when I go days without seeing my girlfriend.

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