I spent some time recently reflecting on the past year. Overall, it’s been a good one. I’ve had a lot of personal growth, emotional ups and downs, and a lot of love.

Starting to truly uncover my submissive side has felt natural to me. Exciting. I feel fully alive. It’s been difficult not to be able to dive in like I want to, but I know patience is one of the biggest and most important lessons to learn. I’m excited to continue however I can as there just seems to be so much I want to try. Balancing these thoughts with my daily life and primary relationship has been extremely difficult. Also, In being so independent my whole life, it’s been oddly interesting how much I’m enjoying giving myself over. The former psych major in me has been busy analyzing myself a lot. Lol.

This past year for me has also been fraught with emotion. I fell in love with someone. I had a couple of relationships deepen further than I’d thought possible. It’s been testing and trying at times on various levels in all of my relationships. I’ve felt so very insecure, yet have known I was loved. I’ve felt alone, sad, joyous, impatient, content. I’ve learned to surrender myself wholly, even if for moments in time. I’ve also made strides in learning to live in the moment, to try to not take for granted all that I do have in my life.

40 was an awesome age for me. I can’t wait to see what 41 brings forth.

2 thoughts on “Reflections…

  1. kalypso10 says:

    40 is an amazing age. It was also when I really felt I started to fit into my place in this world. May the rest build on the foundation that was laid.

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