*reblog* Setting a Relationships Rent

Time management in poly relationships is crucial. I like the equating it to “paying rent”, it makes sense to me.

poly pride

Setting relationship rent

A while back an ex-poly-partner posted a very good piece that she’d had permission to publish by its original author. It’s all about the concept of paying rent within a relationship – “Always pay your rent”

It’s really good, hence I refer to it again and start thinking about the subject once again.

Following the break up I  later wrote a post on Rent control – “Rent Control” It’s all about how the rent can increase as a relationship develops and sometimes however the level required can become prohibitive. I wish to make it completely clear that this is not meant as an attack, purely an observation. We all decide what we want, need and desire, we are all responsible for placing a value upon the our relationships and love.

Then it occurred to me that I have never really thought about how you set and agree what the rent level…

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One thought on “*reblog* Setting a Relationships Rent

  1. Takate Kote says:

    I can’t claim credit for the original concept, but glad you like it 🙂

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