#30DaysofKink – Days 12, 13, and 14

Day 12: Tell us about a humorous BDSM/kink experience you’ve had.  If you haven’t had one, talk about aspects of kink/BDSM you find funny.

I’ve heard some funny stories from friends of mine, but haven’t had many happen to myself.  One thing that happened wasn’t during a scene, but did inhibit a scene from happening.  Gun, Bob, Lexxi, and myself all went to the swingers club by my house and Bob had planned to strap me to the St Andrew’s cross they have there.  It was the fall, and Bob’s allergies were particularly bad right then.  Lexxi mixed a couple of drinks for the guys, and made the first ones rather strong.  Since he had taken some allergy meds before leaving, Bob was soon dozing on one of the couches in the main room among the loud music and bad porn that was playing.  When we went to the back of the club to play pool, he came with us and continued dozing in a chair back there.  One of the other ladies who was there for the night came over and said she’d debated sitting on his lap and smushing her boobs in his face.  We all told her to go for it as he loves boobs lol.

One other funny instance was a time my boyfriend and I were together, he was working pretty hard at fingering me.  He started to giggle a little bit.  When I asked him what was up, he said if he told me it would probably ruin the mood.  I asked anyway.  He started to softly sing “Do you wanna be my sock puppet?” I burst out laughing.  I guess just fingering wasn’t quite what he was doing 😉


Day 13: Explain as best you can what the appeal of kink/BDSM is to you?  Why are you drawn to what you’re drawn to?

It started off with me being curious about certain kinky toys.  I ended up enjoying the sensations that they created, how my body reacted, and how I was able to tune everything else out.  Since then, I’ve started to go deeper and have discovered that I’m masochistic. Beyond that, I’m finding that submission is a part of me.  I’m not a domestic or service sub, but I’m learning that there are other ways of pleasing my Dom.


Day 14: How would you say real life BDSM/kink varies from fantasy BDSM/kink?  If you haven’t experienced real life BDSM/kink, how do you think it might differ?

Real life BDSM/kink is much more messy, involved, and emotional than the polished fantasy you see in pictures makes it appear to be.  I think the depth of this lifestyle is what has surprised me the most.  It’s also not so dark and serious all the time, there are a lot of light moments, both in heart and fun.

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    Kink, like sex, is usually a lot more messy…and funny at times in real life. This poster wishes it wasn’t so serious all the time.

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