#30DaysofKink – Day 6

Day 6: Describe your weirdest/most interesting sexual fantasy.

I’m not one to flesh out vague thoughts or fantasies because I’ve learned the hard way that it leads to me having expectations, and they never pan out the way I had imagined.  I’ve decided elaborate on an idea that I’d like to try, but am writing it as a story and not as something between myself and a specific person.  If you’d asked me a year or two ago if I’d ever have thought about wanting something like this, I’d have called you nuts.

Story time!

“Come here kitten, let me help you with that,” Master beckoned me over and took the steel butt plug I was holding.  “Bend over,” he said as he picked up the bottle of lube that was sitting on the bed.

I bent over at the waist, exposing myself to him.  He wiped the cool gel on my butt and slowly inserted the plug.  The steel had a pink and black checked “cat tail” attached to the end of it.  Once it was fully inserted, I stood back up and wiggled a little to get use to the intruder.

I turned to look at Master.  He picked up my play collar to put it on me.  I lifted my hair so it wouldn’t get caught.  After that was fastened, he placed a headband on my head; it had cat ears on it that matched my tail.  He kissed my forehead and smiled down at me.  I grinned back at him shyly.  Picking up some soft black mittens, I put them on my hands, and now I was dressed.  Well, kind of.  I was wearing black ankle socks, my collar, tail, and ears.  That’s it.  My hair was up in ponytails, high on my head, behind the ears on my headband.

Oh, one other thing…Master was holding a leash and looking at me with a smirk, “are you ready kitten?” he asked while holding up the clip end of the leash.“Yes Master,” I replied softly, holding my head up so he could access the loop on my collar with ease.  It was clipped in place with a loud *click*.  “Good girl,” he murmured as he stroked my hair.  He nodded down to the floor, it was time for me to take my place and get this started.  I was nervous but excited.

“Let’s go kitten.”  Master started walking out of the room.  When I felt a light tug on the leash, I started crawling behind him.  He walked as fast as I could crawl down the hallway, towards the living room.  When we turned the corner, I saw about a half dozen people sitting around socializing.  They turned to watch us walk into the room.  I immediately felt shy as all eyes watched me, I started to lower my head.  Taking a deep breath and closing my eyes for a second, I thought about how the cats I’ve owned acted.  They walked with heads held high, doing what they wanted.  I was the one who wanted to try kitten play, so that’s what I did.  I crawled confident, with my head up, and a haughty expression on my face.

Master went to sit in a vacant chair at one end of the room.  I followed him, and rubbed up my side and rump against his legs.  He stroked my back.  “Mmmm” I murmured, it felt lovely.  I sat at his feet, cross legged, my hands in front of my legs and just surveyed the room.

The guests started talking among themselves again, though I caught the eye of one of the ladies there.  She watched me intently, then stood up and came towards Master.  “May I pet her?” she asked Master.  “Of course,” he replied.

She crouched down and rubbed my face along the jawline, up behind my ear and down my neck.  I shivered from her soft, sensual touch.  Leaning into her hand, I practically purred.  She continued for a few more moments before she smiled at me and went back to where she had been sitting.

Master started to absentmindedly stroke one of my ponytails.  “Are you thirsty kitten?” he asked.  I looked up at him.  “There’s a bowl of water in the kitchen, if you are,” my leash was unclipped and he nodded his chin towards where he was talking about.  I stretched my arms out in front of me, then slowly got back on my hands and knees to make my way towards the kitchen.  I found it on the floor by the table easily enough.  I leaned down and lapped at the cool water. It was refreshing.

I meandered back into the living room and decided to take the long way back to Master’s side.  I passed by a gentleman who was sitting next to the lady who had pet me earlier.  “Hello there kitty,” he said smiling at me.  He rubbed the top of my butt, one cheek then the other.  I leaned my body against his legs as he fondled me, my head nudging the legs of the lady.  She started to play with my hair.  “You like that, don’t you kitty?” the man asked me.  “Mmmm…” I purred. I sure did.  My body was starting to tingle all over as I was getting stroked.  Just then he gave one cheek a short smack.  “That’s enough,” he said, effectively sending me on my way.

I leaned back on my legs, and stretched out my arms in front of me in the epitome of a cat stretch.  I sauntered on all fours over to some other people in the room.  I received attention from them all.  Looking over at Master, I could see him smiling softly as he watched me, making sure everyone was respectful, while chatting to his guests.  As I crawled back over to him, he trailed his hand down from my head to my rump, and kept going.  His fingers teased my pussy lips before a digit dove inside.  “My kitten has been enjoying this, hasn’t she?  You’re very wet kitten,”  He then put his finger to his lips, licking my essence off of them.  I groaned.  It felt like he was licking me.

I curled up at his feet for the remainder of the evening, every now and then he’d stroke my neck or hair, just enough to remind me that he was there for me and to make sure I knew I was his.

After a while, people started to get ready to leave.  Master clipped my leash back on as he got up to say his goodbyes.  I rubbed against their legs as much as my leash would allow, as people tried to put on their shoes.  My butt was swatted playfully, and I moaned each time, feeling the plug reverberate inside my ass.

As the last person left and the door was locked, Master looked down at me and smiled.  Walking back over to a chair, I felt the tautness of the leash to my collar.  He sat down.  I stopped in front of him and put my hands on his knees, looking up into his eyes with a playful grin.  I felt mischievous.  Mischievous and extremely turned on.  His hand tipped my chin up, “would my kitten like a good thorough scratching?”  My eyes widened and I bit my lip at the thought. I grinned my approval.  “Let’s go then,” he stood up and walked me back to the bedroom.

“Up!” he nodded to the bed after he unclipped the leash from my collar.  I leapt onto the bed and crawled around it, like a cat stalking her prey.  I watched intently as Master unbuttoned his shirt, and removed it.  I liked my lips as he took off his pants and socks.  When he was finished undressing, he walked over to his dresser and picked up a pair of black gloves.  My eyes widened with the thought of what was to come.  “Take off your socks and mittens kitten,” he told me as he put on his own gloves.  The palms and fingers of his gloves were covered in sharp tacks.  They could be used for a sensual light scratching, but could also draw blood.

He kneeled on the end of the bed, I could see by his cock that he was already fully aroused.  “On your hands and knees kitten,” he ordered.  I turned around and backed up to be closer to him.  My breath caught and turned to a moan as the light scratching started down my back.  Up and down, back and forth, my back, shoulders, and ass were all being caressed by the tacks imbedded in the vampire gloves that Master wore.  He grabbed my hips firmly as his cock teased my pussy lips.  “You are not allowed to cum until I tell you to,” he said as he flexed his fingers, and pushed deep inside me on a long, firm thrust.  I groaned aloud at the sensation of being filled completely.  Master started fucking me from behind.  I cried out on each thrust, continually louder as the scratches got harder, or when he gripped me.

“Turn over,” he barked as he backed up slightly.  I turned to my back as quickly as I could, feeling my back sting slightly as I laid on it.  He gripped my breasts as he seated himself inside me once again.  To say the sharpness of the gloves squeezing along with the deliciousness of his cock inside me was intense, is an understatement.  His hands were everywhere he could reach.  The sides of my head, my shoulders, breasts, grabbing my ankles to put them over his shoulders.  All of this while I anchored by his firm fucking of me.  I know I was loud, but honestly I didn’t pay attention to it.  I don’t know how long he fucked me, but I was lost in the sensations and on the edge of orgasm for what felt like forever.

I groaned disappointingly as Master pulled out of me.  He grasped my tail plug, pulled it out, and tossed it on the side of the bed.  I felt the tip of his cock against my ass, a moan escaping as it was pushed into my depths. Once fully inside, he gave me a moment to get used to him there.  I raised my hips and started to move when I was ready for more.  His hands scraped and roamed as his rhythm increased.  Master gripped my hips tightly when he started fucking me harder and harder. “Cum for me kitten!” he demanded.  A keening wail erupted from my core as my insides clenched and exploded outward, electricity shooting through my body as it repeatedly spasmed.  My emotions burst forth and I started to sob.  Master grunted loudly as he came, cock pulsing, spilling his seed deep inside me.

Master rolled onto his back and I cuddled into him. Breathing heavy, he stroked my head whispering “shh…good girl, good kitten” as I let go and cried.  After I settled down, Master got up from the bed. He came back to the room with a warm, wet wash cloth and proceeded to wipe me and clean me up.  He came back to bed and we snuggled until we both fell asleep.

One thought on “#30DaysofKink – Day 6

  1. shutterboB says:

    Very nicely written kitten… Gives me and idea for our next outing

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