#30DaysofKink – Day 2

Day 2: List your kinks.

There is so much I’d love to try but haven’t had the chance yet. The following are things I’ve tried and know I love, and for some, am not sure I could give up for good.  Though none are things I could do with just anyone as the level of trust I’d need is incredible.

  • Pain –  I don’t consider myself a pain slut (yet?), but I do love pain in my play. I can’t take straight pain for a long time, but mix it in with other sensations, and you can push me relatively far. I love to lay there and float through it, until it gets too much and I crack. I’ve found I function better with a release like that every month or two at the least.
  • Impact play – goes with the pain, but it’s more how it’s implemented. Flogging, paddles, whips, claws, bare hands…from the deep and vibrating thuddy to the sharp and stingy bitey. I love it all.
  • Bondage – I love to be restrained, tied up somehow. Strap my arms and legs to the bed using cuffs, tie my arms together, or maybe bind my torso with rope. I enjoy feeling helpless. Plus having rope taken off can be as exquisite as having it wrapped on.
  • Wax play – the warmth of hot wax being poured over your body is so delicious, and when your partner uses knives to scrape it off… *sigh* ❤
  • Electrical play – I’ve only tried the Neon Wand, but with the body contact there’s so much you can do with that. I love it’s bitey feeling.
  • Edging/orgasm on demand- bring me to the edge of orgasm then tell me that I can’t cum… The flip side is being able to cum with a word or two or a touch. Combine the two, and I’m left a quaking mess.
  • Giving up control/being used – I’m still discovering the degree of this, but to be able to give up control is something that makes me feel safe, and allows me to focus on other aspects of myself, or just not focus at all and let go. When I’m being used sexually by my partner, I feel free. Well, actually parts of me don’t feel, they just be. My body feels, and it feels awesome. Otherwise I love being able to do that for him, and I wish I could more often. I find it fulfilling in a weird, totally non-feministic way.
  • Voyeur/exhibitionist – I love to watch and have for years.  The exhibitionist part of me is a newer revelation.

Who knows how this may change as I uncover more of myself…

One thought on “#30DaysofKink – Day 2

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    Impact-play, edging and pain may be “old-fashioned” but there are many who still enjoy it

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