Three Years and Counting!

The end of last month, January 26th to be exact, was the 3 year anniversary from when our Quad met.  I’ve explained it in a much earlier blog of mine, but here’s a quick refresher; we’d all been chatting on Twitter for a few months, along with some other couples, and a few of us decided to go to a meet and greet weekend at a hotel in Niagara Falls.  There were 6 couples that went.  Gun and I clicked right away with Bob and Lexxi and we ended up talking most of the day and evening, and hooked up that night.  From then we made monthly-ish visits to each others houses and after a few months we all noticed that our feelings had been deepening to something beyond friendship.

Since the 26th fell on a Tuesday this year, we decided to celebrate it the following weekend when Gun and I visited Bob and Lexxi.  Our kids were staying at their grandparents, and we had nothing set in stone to do this weekend, which is a change from the past few busier and kid present visits.

Our dogs started to recognize their surroundings as we got off the highway just before 11pm.  They were watching aptly out the windows and getting excited to see Bob and Lexxi’s dogs.  We put them in the backyard right away then unloaded our stuff.  After hugs hello, 4 of us had a couple of drinks and caught up in person.  It was around 1:30am or so we decided it was time to head to bed.  Gun and Lexxi took the bedroom upstairs while Bob and I slept in the basement bedroom.  I got my collar out for the one ritual I’ve asked Bob for in our D/s relationship, for me to kneel on my pillow while he puts his collar on me, then I lay my head on his lap for a few moments.  I find it helps centre me as I give myself over to him.  I got paddled and clawed a little bit, but then Bob decided to put on his vampire gloves while we were having sex.  At first I was on all fours and his now pin-pricky hands had access to my back and ass, but soon after he flipped me over…talk about intense!  He gripped, smacked, and pawed at my breasts leaving scratches and bruises.  Feeling the sharpness on my scalp as he grasped my head tight was incredible.  My ankles took a good scraping as well when he tested my flexibility…let’s just say blood was drawn.  I was so lost in it all, and couldn’t have stayed quiet if I had tried.  I have no idea what time we actually went to sleep, but I hear it was well after 3.

I was up way too early the next morning (stupid internal body clock, and overly excited puppies).  We had a relaxing lazy morning.  The original plan was for Bob to give me a full wax session in the late morning, then all of us head to the Nordik spa to relax in the pools that afternoon.  Bob realized that he was out of drop cloths, so said we’d pick some up on the way back from the spa.  We headed out after lunch only to find there was a 2 hour wait for the pools…so, we decided to try some other time.  We all grabbed the few things needed at stores and headed back home.

Bob and Lexxi generally use Ikea tealights for wax play, so Bob went into the other room to get them lit and starting to melt.  When the time was right, I was called into the playroom and asked to undress and get onto the massage table that was in the middle of the room.  Bob first warmed me up by using his floggers Igg and Ook on me, with the occasional whip of his leather strap.  Then the wax started pouring onto my back, ass, and legs.  It was exquisite.  The scratches from the night before added to the stingy feeling the wax was leaving.  I was on the edge of orgasm from the wax touching me alone… He added a few ice cubes on my back and coated them in wax as well.  When he was done, he started to carefully remove the wax with a couple of knives.  I’m not sure what I liked better, the wax being poured on or scraped off.  When Bob got to my right thigh, he decided to put me out of my misery and told me to cum.  Oh, cum I did…the whole time I was shuddering and groaning, he was using the knife to scrape my thigh down to my knee, and tickling my pussy lips.  When he finished I was so relaxed I practically poured off that table.  He helped me into a hot shower and washed off as much of the leftover wax as he could.

Gun and Lexxi napped while we had our wax session.  We all got ready for dinner not too long after we were finished.  We went to one of the local microbreweries, drank some great beer, ate too much food, and had a lovely time.  After that we vegged in the living room again for a while, before heading to bed at 11pm.  What party animals we were that night lol!

I slept much better that night, and enjoyed an awesome “good morning” from Bob before getting out of bed.  Lexxi made us all bacon and eggs before getting our stuff packed up.  Bob and Lexxi’s huskies and our husky all came from the same breeder, a family who run an outdoor education centre, and two of the daughters were coming over for a visit with the dogs before we headed home.  The dogs were ecstatic to see them, and they loved to see how happy the dogs were together.  We headed off for home not too long after noon.

All in all, it was a fantastic, relaxing weekend for the 4 of us.

Here’s to many more years together!

One thought on “Three Years and Counting!

  1. lexxiblue says:

    It was a wonderful and well needed weekend.

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