Bob’s birthday weekend

Bob’s birthday is only a few weeks after Christmas, so I started to think about what to possibly get him just after the new year. Bob and Lexxi had been planning on going to Florida to Disney World in mid-January, but because of an unexpected circumstance that had arisen, they had to put that thought on hold for now. I looked at our calendar and saw we were free that weekend.  Also Bob’s birthday was on a Friday and their local swing club was having it’s monthly fetish night that night.  I asked Gun his thoughts on Bob’s present being me going to spend the weekend with him and Lexxi.  He thought it was a great idea.  I then asked Lexxi her thoughts, and she agreed it was perfect.  She and I then plotted, er talked, discussing if surprising Bob would be a good idea.  He did specifically tell us a couple of weeks before that he wanted to know if we were planning anything and didn’t want surprises, though the thought of Bob seeing me showing up unexpectedly to the club wearing something sexy and a bow was a fun one.  The decision was made to ask him if he liked the idea of my presence there as his birthday present.  Needless to say, he did 🙂

I used a vacation day to book off the Friday, that way I could grocery shop for my guys at home, and then get there before rush hour in their city started.  My 5 hour drive was easy and uneventful.  We had dinner with Bob and Lexxi’s kids, their daughter’s boyfriend, and a couple of good friends.  The kids left, and a couple of other friends arrived, and we all got ready to head to the club.  I was excited as it was my first time going to a fetish club, plus it being Bob’s birthday.  We had Bob and Lexxi’s daughter make a boob cake, and mini boob cupcakes which we brought with us to share at the club.  I wish we had taken a picture of them, but we forgot and couldn’t while we were at the club as photographs aren’t allowed.

Once we got there and checked in, I was given a tour.  I had been there on a swing night, but got to see the various stations around the place. In the main room there was a stripper pole, an area for rope play, a St Andrew’s cross, a whipping post, an area for after care, the bar, and various tables and chairs, and benches. In the back there were more benches, a bed, a medical table, a spanking bench, and a massage table. I went and bought Lexxi and I each a glass of wine, and we wandered around chatting. I got to meet a bunch of their friends, and get reaquainted with a few I had met before.  We were then told of a scene that was taking place in the back room; a woman was getting her pussy sewn shut.  Bob and I jumped at the opportunity to go watch.  Lexxi came too, although not quite with the same amount of enthusiasm, lol.  We saw a lady on a medical exam table, her legs in stirrups, and a man between them. She screamed out every now and then, but overall didn’t make too much noise.  While watching him work on her, I can’t deny that I got warm inside, and my pussy felt tingly.  I know needle play on my back has intrigued me (I think the corset piercings look beautiful), but I was kind of surprised I reacted that way with the thought of pussy sewing.  Talking some more to friends and new friends, we wandered back to the main room where the St Andrew’s cross was.  There was a scene going on, so Bob went and spoke with one of the dungeon masters to basically put our name in for the next to use the cross.  Sitting on one of the benches, I finished my wine and watched the activities I could see around me.  Lexxi, and a couple of her friends were just starting a rope scene that was topped by another one of their friends, they were getting tied together.  Someone was on the whipping post, and there were a lot of people milling around and talking.

When we saw the cross scene wrapping up, we headed down to stand close by.  Bob unpacked his toy bag as I undressed down to my panties and thigh high stockings (well, ass highs, since my legs are on the short side).  Bob fastened my collar around my neck, and the matching cuffs around my wrists.  He added a blindfold and then clipped me on the cross.  He pulled my stockings down to my ankles, and proceeded to flog, smack, thwack, claw, and strike me.  His balanced floggers Igg and Ook, his new birthday present paddle, leather straps, and the bear claws were all used on me.  Possibly more, but those are what I could tell when I was paying attention.  I was getting lost in the biting, stinging, and thudding sensations.  I did notice a few things during that session though.  When standing up, I can’t get completely relaxed enough to entirely let go.  When laying down I find that easier, and can in turn take more, that’s when I’ve been able to really fly during impact play.  Also, when my hands are above my head I tend to get light headed.  I let Bob know when I was getting closer to my breaking point, and also letting him know about starting to feel light headed.  He checked in with me a few times and together he pushed me to an emotional release.  I cried as he unhooked my wrists and took off my blindfold.  Bob helped me down and over to a bench close by.  He got me a glass of water and made sure I was comfortable and warm snuggled in his shirt before he went to pack up his bag as someone wanted the cross when we were done.  Then I got to snuggle with him for a while.  After coming down to earth, I got dressed and we headed back up to the area our group was sitting.

Lexxi bought us each another glass of wine and we spent the rest of the evening talking, eating boob cake, and watching various scenes around us. The cross and the post were popular spots. We watched a suspension rope scene. The lady who got her pussy sewn shut was cattle prodded by her top and another individual. We also got to meet @subspacepet in person, a lady who we’ve been talking to on Twitter for a while, which was awesome. After closing time, we drove one of our friends home before getting home ourselves.  After taking care of Bob and Lexxi’s dogs, we quickly divested ourselves of our clothes and helped Bob close out his birthday with a bang 😉

The next morning was a lazy one, hanging out and not doing much at all.  We headed to the local rope practice just after lunch.  We stayed a couple of hours, and Bob tied up myself and Lexxi separately and together.  It was fun 🙂  For dinner, we went to what is probably my favourite steak restaurant in their area.  They deliver your uncooked steak on a sizzling hot stone and you cook it yourself to your liking. It’s so delicious!  We then snuggled together on the couch and all fell asleep while watching a movie…we were all in bed going to sleep not long after 10:30pm. Lol.

Lexxi got up first the next morning while Bob and I continued to doze for a while. Eventually hands started to move as we woke each other up. Pulling me under him, Bob slid inside me and I groaned. Lexxi heard us and came to investigate. She took off her pj’s and joined us in the bed. We ended up in a naked happy pile. Bob keeps saying he needs a quiet house slave, I commented she’d be helpful now to get us all coffee and tea so we didn’t have to move, lol.  The rest of the morning was spent relaxing and talking, going through social media and texting other loved ones.  Lexxi made a dish for lunch that we’d seen on Facebook the week before, then I was headed home.  My drive was snowy for the majority of it, but drivers weren’t being stupid so it wasn’t too bad and only added an hour to my drive time.

It was a fantastic weekend. Generally when I get to see Bob, the quad is together and sometimes my kids are present too.  It was lovely to be there as his sub, Lexxi and I there for him. I’m still learning about that side of myself, so to spend almost 2 full days in that mindset was awesome. I can’t deny that by the time it was over, I felt closer than ever to my Sir.

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