#30DaysofKink – Day 2

Day 2: List your kinks.

There is so much I’d love to try but haven’t had the chance yet. The following are things I’ve tried and know I love, and for some, am not sure I could give up for good.  Though none are things I could do with just anyone as the level of trust I’d need is incredible. Continue reading

#30DaysofKink – Day 1

This past summer a few of the blogs I follow had done the 30 Days of Kink challenge – http://www.insatiabledesire.com/2010/08/09/thirty-days-of-kink/ and I noted it down to complete at some point.  I was in a state of early self discovery in my submission back then, so I really didn’t feel it was the best time to answer some of the questions, as I had no idea where to begin.  A friend of mine just started doing this, so I decided to do it as well since I’m feeling more stable about myself these days.  I’ve also since been tasked to do it.  I won’t guarantee I’ll be posting these daily, but expect them at least twice a week until finished.  Enjoy, and feel free to complete it yourself, if you want to and haven’t already. Continue reading

My brain these days…

I’m sorry for the recent blog blitz but this has been an interesting couple of months, both happenings wise, and mental figuring my shit out wise.  I’ve now posted the happenings recaps, so this blog is the mental one.  I’ve had some very intense feelings in my relationships with each of the men in my life, and have done a lot of internal soul searching in the process. Continue reading

Three Years and Counting!

The end of last month, January 26th to be exact, was the 3 year anniversary from when our Quad met.  I’ve explained it in a much earlier blog of mine, but here’s a quick refresher; we’d all been chatting on Twitter for a few months, along with some other couples, and a few of us decided to go to a meet and greet weekend at a hotel in Niagara Falls.  There were 6 couples that went.  Gun and I clicked right away with Bob and Lexxi and we ended up talking most of the day and evening, and hooked up that night.  From then we made monthly-ish visits to each others houses and after a few months we all noticed that our feelings had been deepening to something beyond friendship. Continue reading

Much needed quality time

For a while from about mid-December, things between Erik and I had gotten a little weird.  He and I had a date at his house the day after his and Mia’s baby was born, which was a great evening that started off with us watching a movie, and ended with us having sex on his living room floor.  After that, I let him know that because of their new addition, plus having a toddler, I was pretty much leaving contact with me up to him.  They’d need time to settle in as a family, a brand new routine, and as much as you prepare a toddler for a new baby, they have no idea until the wriggling, screaming bundle of joy is there.  I know since I went through it myself more than a decade earlier.  Erik kept telling me things will be fine, I don’t know if he was trying to delude himself or reassure me.  Either way, it really didn’t help my mindset a couple of weeks after when I was missing him terribly, and he kept saying all was okay…it wasn’t, not yet.  When he lost an entire day and we didn’t speak (which had never happened when we were both in the same country since we started chatting), I knew things weren’t settled. Continue reading

Bob’s birthday weekend

Bob’s birthday is only a few weeks after Christmas, so I started to think about what to possibly get him just after the new year. Bob and Lexxi had been planning on going to Florida to Disney World in mid-January, but because of an unexpected circumstance that had arisen, they had to put that thought on hold for now. I looked at our calendar and saw we were free that weekend.  Also Bob’s birthday was on a Friday and their local swing club was having it’s monthly fetish night that night.  I asked Gun his thoughts on Bob’s present being me going to spend the weekend with him and Lexxi.  He thought it was a great idea.  I then asked Lexxi her thoughts, and she agreed it was perfect.  She and I then plotted, er talked, discussing if surprising Bob would be a good idea.  He did specifically tell us a couple of weeks before that he wanted to know if we were planning anything and didn’t want surprises, though the thought of Bob seeing me showing up unexpectedly to the club wearing something sexy and a bow was a fun one.  The decision was made to ask him if he liked the idea of my presence there as his birthday present.  Needless to say, he did 🙂 Continue reading