Not all BDSM scenes need to involve heavy prep work and tools. Bodies, looks, and words, the dance of two souls entwined transcends that. It’s precious and has no parallel. That baser connection between a Dom and their sub can’t compare. It can leave a sub wide open, stripped to the core, and utterly vulnerable. I’m not sure how this type of connection leaves the Dom feeling, so if you’re a Dom and have had this happen to you, please comment as I’m curious to know.

Sometimes though, it’s fun to wield implements. The energy transferred while a Dom paddles his sub, or a Sadist whips his masochist. That is a specific need for some. 

Speaking for myself, a masochist who’s still learning herself, sometimes I *need* the pain… there’s nothing quite like receiving that type of energy. My experience is mainly through impact play. Feeling the impact fully and completely, the energy cycle moving from one being to the other. Having it spark throughout my body, and moving it to my core where it builds up. Each smack, flog, spank, scratch, ratchets it up higher and higher. Tell me to cum while I’m lost in the pain. Please… It diffuses the energy in a different way, but still stays within. Depending on how I’m positioned, I’ve found I can take more and fly higher on the waves. Either way, there will come a time when my body is so full of this energy that it spills over. That’s when the tears start to fall, and I become wracked with sobs. My Dom will unhook me, or just turn me over, and cradle me in his arms as I empty away any and all stress I had, so I can just be…

I do love both types of release, with pain and without. Both need a level of trust that’s not easy to come by. 

Doms, what are some of your favourite ways to give your energy? Subs, what are your favourite ways to receive your Dom’s energy? 

6 thoughts on “Energy

  1. Violeteyes says:

    In my view, there’s an exchange of energy between two lovers, either with or without kinky attributes, that is beautiful and enriching for the spirit, even for the soul. It starts with the first touch, rises with each kiss and caress, climaxing and soaring in the energy of sex, and then spiraling back down into afterglow.

    On the BDSM side, the transfer is one of power and control. Though there is energy exchanged, the truly alluring trade-off is a surrender of control which is returned in a physical and, occasionally, psychological manifestation of power. It’s too hard to pick a favorite. The simplest and fastest exchange involves nothing more than his hand in my hair and the weight of his eyes on mine.

  2. Polthus says:

    Over the years, I’ve found the more intimate and gentle moments after an intense session to be some of my favorite. And because I lust after that feeling of being broken/claimed/remade – I think these moments resonate more because they tend to be a kind of ‘higher’ affirmation there’s a lot more going on than simply ‘meat on the block’ getting used…of course, ‘getting used’ and objectified is a tasty fiction – sometimes a reality – but to have someone affirm I am claimed, owned, and cherished afterward turns me into a puddle of boy.

  3. dave94015 says:

    Reblogged this on dave94015 and commented:
    This post discusses how impact play in #bdsm is a transfer of energy between the dom & the sub…until the receiver feels the sense of release…and the dom applies aftercare until the stress is relieved

  4. Riggatony says:

    Being a top means knowing how to unwind your bottoms knots. You can’t do that effectively if your own mind is tied. The energy released is not my energy, but the subs own which has been coiled like a spring. I mearly pull the right cord to have it unravel.

  5. thesecretheart says:

    I love this….there are a variety of ways aren’t there? I submit to some (usually men or active t/gs) but I need to be beaten by others, usually women. In all of it, the interpersonal communication is at the centre….there is nothing quite like someone giving it to me as they look into my eyes and utterly own me….and I submit in that moment, utterly.

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