Me these days

Short post this time folks…

The holidays have come and gone, and while we had a great time, I’m so glad they’re done with.  It was a lovely couple of weeks where we celebrated Christmas and New Years with our blood and chosen families.  The quad was able to spend 7 days hanging out together, spending time with Gun’s and my kids, even Bob getting me out to the Tuesday night kinky coffee group meet.  We all had dinner with some other good friends of ours.  Plus my youngest son started therapy for anxiety.  It was a busy and eventful time.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been quite contemplative.  A lot of little things floating around my head, none of which are causing me enormous stress on their own, but added up it has left me with a weighted feel at my core.  A slightly uneasy feeling, although I’m not quite sure why.  Everything is going well in my life, with the exception of still needing a new job of course.  All is well with Gun and I, and he seems to be on a positive roll in his other relationships; I am so happy for him.  Bob and I are great, although we haven’t had much quality time to talk in person lately, but I know that’ll change by the end of the month.  Everything between Lexxi and I is fine, and she’s been having fun with Bob at their local events with friends, which is fantastic.  Erik and I haven’t had a lot of time to talk or see each other over the past while, but that (hopefully) appears to be changing for the better recently.

But I still feel somewhat off…

I guess I still have more contemplating to do…

One thought on “Me these days

  1. lexxiblue says:

    All I know that the heaviest weight on my heart is missing you and Gun every day. Missing the small things that make a day complete. I know it isn’t the same as what you describe here, but it is my biggest weight that I bear. Love you xxx

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