Not all BDSM scenes need to involve heavy prep work and tools. Bodies, looks, and words, the dance of two souls entwined transcends that. It’s precious and has no parallel. That baser connection between a Dom and their sub can’t compare. It can leave a sub wide open, stripped to the core, and utterly vulnerable. I’m not sure how this type of connection leaves the Dom feeling, so if you’re a Dom and have had this happen to you, please comment as I’m curious to know.

Sometimes though, it’s fun to wield implements. The energy transferred while a Dom paddles his sub, or a Sadist whips his masochist. That is a specific need for some. 

Speaking for myself, a masochist who’s still learning herself, sometimes I *need* the pain… there’s nothing quite like receiving that type of energy. My experience is mainly through impact play. Feeling the impact fully and completely, the energy cycle moving from one being to the other. Having it spark throughout my body, and moving it to my core where it builds up. Each smack, flog, spank, scratch, ratchets it up higher and higher. Tell me to cum while I’m lost in the pain. Please… It diffuses the energy in a different way, but still stays within. Depending on how I’m positioned, I’ve found I can take more and fly higher on the waves. Either way, there will come a time when my body is so full of this energy that it spills over. That’s when the tears start to fall, and I become wracked with sobs. My Dom will unhook me, or just turn me over, and cradle me in his arms as I empty away any and all stress I had, so I can just be…

I do love both types of release, with pain and without. Both need a level of trust that’s not easy to come by. 

Doms, what are some of your favourite ways to give your energy? Subs, what are your favourite ways to receive your Dom’s energy? 

*Reblog from Fetlife* I Wanna Get Fucking Bent

I just read this on Fetlife and needed to share.  I feel as though the author was inside my own head when she wrote it.  So much YES! ❤ ❤ ❤ *sigh*

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I Wanna Get Fucking Bent

by JaneDoe1326

I need you to bend me across the bed, into any position you desire. Because I yearn for that conversation between your hand and my skin.

Quiet whispers in my ear of what’s to come while I’m restrained and unable to writhe beneath your touch sends my desire to be your whore to indescribable limits.

That sexy, evil twinkle in your eyes before you lock your gaze with mine as you use my body, renders me incapable of any thought except us. The outside world ceases to exist and all I am cognizant of is that I am yours.

Mark my flesh with reminders of how you silenced the extraneous noise in my head. I love every single reminder and feel a despondent sadness when they fade. The tender manner you cradle my cheek in your hand and promise to deliver more is more intimate than anything I’ve ever felt.

It hurts so good, so please don’t fucking stop. Ever.

Bend me. Over and over again.



Tightly strung

My hands slide over my body, slowly, languidly. My fingertips teasing down my sides as far down as my arms go, then back up again; up over my shoulders to the nape of my neck. They trail to my breasts and grasp my nipples, both at the same time. Twisting, pinching, pulling at the blue ring that is pierced through each nipple, I start to feel the electricity zinging through my body and it’s adding to the warm feeling that’s been permeating it all day. Harder, harder still I pinch and twist them. I start to groan quietly as my breath hitches.

My right hand moves down over my stomach and onto my mound, while my left continues to tweak my nipples. My middle finger lightly traces my slit, down then up. I can feel the silver ring that’s just below. As my finger moves down again, the skin parts and the tip feels my wetness below. I breathe out a moan. Another zing shoots throughout my body. My ring finger joins the middle finger between my pussy lips. After gathering some wetness, I start teasing my clit. It’s a hard nub under my fingers. Around and around it, up and down the sides. I grasp my clit hood ring and slide it back and forth, side to side, across and over my clit. Even pulling it up while I move it around. The tingling in my body gets intense, my breathing is becoming faster and more laboured. I feel that I’m approaching the edge of cumming.  

My left hand goes from breast to breast, squeezing handfuls and making my nipples hurt so the delicious pain radiates down to my core. The sensations keep building; I lie there as I take it all in, letting them wash over me. Licking and biting my lip, my brain flashes back to the taste of you on my lips. The feel of your cock in my mouth, on my tongue. Such an addicting feeling and taste…

I groan aloud as my body rides the ridge of my orgasm, teetering on the brink, but not wanting to go over. As I touch myself I can smell you, taste you, feel you, but my body just does not seem to want to give up an orgasm to myself right now. I take a deep shuddering breath and calm my hands down. My fingers pull out of my wetness and just softly caress the outside of my mound. Slowly my hands turn more nurturing than frantic. My body is still incredibly tightly strung, but doesn’t have the urgency it had a moment before, it’s like it wants to wait. For what, I’m not sure, but I’m learning to listen to my body, so I guess I’ll be patient for the time being.