That lost feeling…

I feel kind of hollow right now.  Lost.  Lonely.  It’s not uncommon for me to feel this way when my submissive side is in need, I think it’s kind of the start of the warning signs for that.  Then will come the yearning.  Then the bone deep ache.  When I feel like this social media, especially Fetlife, is incredibly difficult to look at.  It makes me see all that I cannot have… What would help make me feel free, instead of stifled.  The more that this side of me is touched upon and nurtured, the more the feeling of contentment between these needy times decreases exponentially.  I feel whole when she doesn’t have to stay buried.  

I need to somehow find a balance…


*After expressing these thoughts with my Sir, we have come up with a game plan of sorts.  Physical distance sure doesn’t help when I’m feeling like this.*

4 thoughts on “That lost feeling…

  1. shutterboB says:

    Well figure what works for you my dear kitten.. And get you stable.. … Now be a good girl and post that blog up that this feeling interrupted… I want to read that…

  2. Violeteyes says:

    Hugs, my friend and metamour. I’m feeling a bit lost, myself lately. So I empathize.

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