being a submissive

I was asked recently what I feel submission is at its base.  I know it’s more than kinky sex, though that sure can be an awesome part of it 😉  It’s not “giving up your life to a Dom”, and although it can entail that for some people, it sure doesn’t for me.  So I had to think, what is it?  What is submission to me?

One thing that I’m discovering as I progress on this journey into my submissive side, is that there have been some clues through my life pointing out this direction to me.  One is, even though I am a fiercely independent woman, I crave touch and attention.  I just never knew how to express it before, or maybe more accurately, had been too stubborn to admit it (and still can be a lot of the time).  Also, the control freak in me has always ached to give parts of myself over to a trusted one, especially sexually.  I get too into my head and self conscious when I’m asked to take control.  I’ve learned that giving up control is something that quiets the never ending thoughts inside my brain, or at least helps organize them in a more cohesive fashion.

What I’ve found is submission to me is based in opening yourself up completely to another person, connecting with them on a different, deeper level.  Giving them power and trusting them incessantly not to take said power for granted and/or do you any harm.  The form and limits that the power exchange can take varies depending on the relationship and what’s been agreed upon between Dominant and submissive.

Those are my 2 cents anyway *shrugs*


6 thoughts on “being a submissive

  1. shutterboB says:

    Very well written… I’m enjoying finding and exploring this limits with you… As I keep saying it not the destination that matters… It’s the journey

  2. Jerry Twomey ( irishchap ) says:

    This is not a smart ass comment but an honest attempt to understand. If it’s too personal or out of line I apologize. Do you get off on the pain it self ?

    • Krystalla says:

      For myself, the pain enhances. It adds another level to the sensations I feel. I don’t enjoy just any pain…I’m still learning that side of myself, so it’s hard to explain. I guess simply put, I like the endorphins I get from impact play with someone I trust.

  3. slavemaeve says:

    that was an excellent explanation. I think all of us who choose to submit do so not only for ourselves but for love of our Dom. With that being said my own Master has part timers that aren’t nearly involved as we are.

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