Halloween weekend thoughts

I’m a little delayed on this, but haven’t had a whole lot of time to write lately.  My last post was a short one I wrote the day that Lilly, Gun’s girlfriend from the States, was on her way over for the weekend.  I have to say, the weekend went fantastic, and I for one, had a great time.

Lilly’s plane was delayed a little, so it was later than planned when she and Gun got back to the house.  We shared a drink and caught up a little bit.  I left Gun and Lilly to sleep in the basement, and took our 2 dogs upstairs to sleep with me.  It was a bit of a test for Gun’s dog since if he’s home, he’s always sleeping near Gun.  Well, there’s a reason why…the big black furry oaf of ours whined half the night, so needless to say I didn’t sleep all that great.  Also needless to say that when Gun is home, his dog will be sleeping in the same room/on the same floor as him lol.

Gun took Friday off, so he and Lilly were able to spend some quality time together while I was at work, and our kids were at school.  Later that afternoon, Gun handed off the kids to his parents, and Bob and Lexxi arrived.  We had a fun evening chatting and having a few drinks.  We left Gun and Lilly to the basement, and Bob, Lexxi, and I retired to our bedroom upstairs.  I will let you know that a king size bed sleeps 3 just fine 😉

On Saturday, us girls ran a few errands.  We introduced Lilly to the Canadian delicacy of poutine.  Lilly and her dancing outfits were the subject of a photo shoot with Bob (I’m looking forward to seeing how the pictures turned out as she looked gorgeous in her costumes).  Our friends Melissa and Chad came over and helped us eat Gun’s homemade lasagna.  That night we all went to the local swingers club.  It was so busy!  I guess Halloween really is the swinger’s biggest “event” as they were checking names at the small club we were at and had to buzz us into the main area.  We danced, and had a few drinks.  I smiled when I saw Gun and Lilly go off in the direction of the play room.  Not too much longer after that, Lexxi and Chad walked off that way too.  Melissa soon turned to Bob and I and asked when he was going to flog me on the St. Andrew’s cross that’s there.  Bob’s toy bag was in the car, so we went to the playroom to see what items they had there to use.  Lexxi and Chad were standing in front of the bed that’s right next to the cross.  Chad’s bare naked ass was showing, and they were deeply involved in making out.  I was tempted to grab his ass, and Bob made like he was going to swat Chad with the cheap flogger they had there, but we both refrained.  I figured it would ruin the mood between Chad and Lexxi, and I didn’t want to interrupt them.

Sir decided he wanted his own arsenal of toys, so he went to get his bag.  When we went back to the playroom, he asked me to strip to however I was comfortable.  I left my panties on.  I noticed there was a crowd gathering as I was being strapped in.  Soon, Sir had his beloved balanced floggers Igg and Ook thumping out patterns on my back, shoulders, ass, and thighs.  I could feel myself starting to float.  I heard murmurs from people around us.  I did very clearly hear Gun’s voice shout “Igg and Ook!”  I turned my head and saw him peeking over the semi-private rooms that were by the cross and bondage chair.  Sir tried out a few of his new toys on me while I was restrained there.  The wooden paddle with the big spikes kind of scared me, but Bob went easy on me with that one.  I ended up asking for him to use the bear claws on me.  As soon as they started scraping down my back, I started shivering in ecstasy.  I fricken love those things!  Up and down my arms, my legs, across my stomach, and the sides of my breasts.  I was so close to the edge of an orgasm that I was shaking.  Sir came up close behind my back while he scraped my stomach.  I leaned back on him and told him quietly that I would easily cum right then if he told me.  “Cum for me kitten” he whispered into my ear.  I immediately squealed and felt my insides clench and release, my legs went slack, and I was holding the chains above the cuffs that were around my wrists.  My body was wracked with tremors, I felt like I was almost exploding.  I calmed down to aftershock level, when Sir told me to cum again.  And cum I did.  The next time I calmed down enough to feel my legs again, I asked Sir if he was going to try out his new tail whip on me, Little Viper as he calls it.  He fished that out of his bag and I felt the sting shortly after.  Oh gawd, did that ever sting.  I was already tender from everything else, so it didn’t take much for me to be on the edge of an emotional release.  I let him know how close I was and he got me softly over that edge, just enough to get the release I crave, but not enough to have me a sobbing mess in semi-public.  I was unstrapped and led to the bed that Lexxi and Chad had vacated a while before.  Sir undressed himself and helped me float down from sub space with a good and thorough fucking.

When we joined the rest of our group back out in the main dance area, we were all starting to get tired.  We found out after there had been a slight altercation by the pool table, some guy groped Lilly, but she stood up for herself and told him to back off.  Gun was still in ultra-protective mode.  Chad and Melissa headed home, and the rest of us separated for bed once we got back to our house.

The next morning we all hung out, and took it easy.  Gun went to “help” Lilly pack after lunch, and all too soon it was time for Bob and Lexxi to head home.  About a half hour after that, it was time for Gun drive Lilly to the airport.

All in all, I thought it was a great weekend, it just went by too fast.  Though, most weekends do when they’re spent with loved ones and good friends.