Our first overnight

This past weekend Erik and I had our first overnight alone.  After deciding on a date and talking about generalities of what we’d like to do or not do, Erik planned the weekend and left it as a surprise to me.  He had asked me at one point if I’d like to know where we were staying, but I declined.  I had never been surprised quite like that before, so I was humbled and looking forward to finding out as it happened.

I knew where and when we’d meet (we met at a carpool lot to leave my car, and he drove us down there), and I knew vaguely what type of clothes to pack, but that was it.  So, with my overnight roller bag packed with a not-so-dressy dress, a nightie, a bottle of wine, toiletries and clothes for the next day, I was off.  We slowly made our way down to the city.  Construction and a marathon that was happening that weekend made what should have been barely an hour drive, closer to an hour and a half.

Erik opened the door to the hotel we were staying in.  I immediately noticed signs above our heads that pointed the direction to bank tellers.  I realized it was a refurbished hotel in the financial district.  The original building used to be a bank back in the day, and they had left some of the original signs and details.  The lobby was gorgeous.  The Blue Jays game was on in the lobby bar, and it was busy.  We lined up to get checked in, and had our room cards about 20 or so minutes later.  It was a beautiful room.  To one side there was a king size bed with a dresser and TV, the other side had a little kitchenette with hot plates, dishwasher, washer/dryer and mini-fridge, along with a seating area and another TV.  We wasted no time getting “reaquainted” as it were.  Being able to be together with no time constraints, no worries of interruptions, a big bed and lots of space, just us being able to enjoy each other…it was amazing, and honestly it was a first in the almost year we’ve been together.  Being married and polyamorous, each others’ houses are rarely ever free, and while fooling around while the other’s spouse and/or kids are upstairs has been done, it’s certainly not ideal.  Though it is more comfortable at least than fooling around in a car, which has been our other go-to lol.  Erik had a first of his own that afternoon too, getting a blow job while “the game” was on.  “Isn’t it every man’s fantasy?” he asked me with a chuckle.  I was more than happy to oblige 😀

We cuddled and watched some tv, had a glass of wine, then decided to order some room service for dinner.  After eating we had to decide if we would go on the “excursion” that Erik had thought of, to go see a horror movie that was playing at a local film festival.  Erik’s wife Mia had jokingly bet both of us that we’d never make it out of the room lol.  I won’t deny, there was a big part of me that just wanted to stay right there with him the whole night, but another part of me wanted to go out to the city and not worry about having to hide.  We decided to go to the movie.  There are tunnels that run under the city that contain stores and restaurants which the hotel is directly connected to.  To get to them, you had to go down a flight of stairs towards the old vault (see picture).  They have converted that area into various party rooms, which were very cool.  We walked hand in hand through the tunnels, then a little outside, and made it there just in time for it to start.  Yes, we watched the movie (it was a packed theatre).  It was interesting, to say the least lol.  We decided not to stick around for the Q&A with the actors/producers after it was over.  It was chillier outside, so Erik pulled me in for a kiss at a stop light to warm me up (it worked by the way 😉 ).  It was busy on the streets with all of the 20-something’s heading off to clubs and bars.  We only got slightly lost in the tunnels once before we made it back to the hotel.

Once back in our room, clothes did not last long, and soon we were lost in each other again.  It was around quarter to two in the morning when we turned out the lights, exhausted and sated.  I’m not much of a cuddler when I sleep, but I ended up falling asleep in his arms.  The next morning we snuggled while waking up.  Then had at each other again once we were awake 😉  We shared a hot shower after that, then it was time to pack up and check out.

Getting out of downtown took longer than usual as a marathon was being run through the streets.  The ride back was a little quiet, I think we were both kind of lost in our own thoughts.  I know I was anyway.  We stopped for brunch before Erik dropped me off at my car in the early afternoon.  We kissed, then headed off in our own directions towards our families.

Since then, I’ve been mentally processing the weekend.  I had a wonderful time.  It was fun, romantic, sexy, amusing, humbling, intense… I think it’s the intense part that has me feeling a little overwhelmed and jumbled.  The intensity has been slowly growing between us over the past few months. I’ve been having difficulty putting it into words, I know it’s not a bad thing, it’s hard to describe.

I’m not sure when exactly we’ll get to see each other next, as our schedules are both rather busy. We’ll figure something out though, until then thank goodness for technology 🙂

5 thoughts on “Our first overnight

  1. Violeteyes says:

    Sounds like a wonderful time! I’m so happy for you! 🙂

  2. masterandbabydoll says:

    Good for you that you had a night overnight with your boyfriend!! 🙂

  3. masterandbabydoll says:

    I meant “nice”. oopps

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