Well, that was an interesting date night!

Last night, Erik and I made plans to meet at a coffee shop about half way between our houses (we live about an hour apart).  A typical coffee date for us consists of sitting in the coffee shop for about an hour, then heading to one of our cars, driving around for a bit and/or finding a place to park, talk, and make out πŸ˜‰  Last night we grabbed our coffees and decided to forego the first part.

Erik and Mia only have one vehicle, so they rent one when they need a second.  This weekend they had needed to, and I found out as we were approaching said vehicle that when Mia found out they were getting a mini van this time, she pretty much told Erik that he had to make plans with me, lol!  I blushed and literally laughed out loud.  Compersion can be a humbling thing, and can speak volumes ☺️

So, we climbed into the van, and Erik proceeded to take the scenic route to a dog park we had parked at the last time we met up.  It was after 9:00pm by this time, so it was dark and nobody else was there.  Seatbelts off, we talked and kissed.  A lot.  The windows got fogged up pretty quickly 😏

We’d been there for about an hour, when another vehicle pulled into the parking lot.  We were backed into a parking space and facing the road, so we could clearly see when any headlights that passed by.  This vehicle stopped in front of us.  A light from the top of it turned on and pointed towards us.  Another brighter light turned on and was aimed in our direction.  Yep, it was a police car.  I couldn’t see much as the front window was all foggy, but Erik soon rolled down the drivers side window.  The police officer came over to the window and asked what we were doing parked here tonight.  Looking down at myself, I was very thankful that I still had all of my clothes on and they were righted.  We greeted her, and let her know we were drinking coffee and chatting.  She made a comment about sitting in a Starbucks to drink coffee and chat, but I quipped I preferred Tim Horton’s and she laughed.  She asked if we were from around here, and told us that she would like to see our ID’s since we were sitting in a rental car.  I stated the city I live in, while digging my licence out of my wallet.  She looked at both Erik’s and my licences, looked at Erik and commented “You’re from <insert town name here>? Well, it makes sense that you’re meeting here, it is half way between you both.” and walked to the cruiser with our ID.  We looked at each other and laughed.  She was gone for what felt like at least 5-10 minutes before she returned.  She thanked us for cooperating, informed us that the public parks officially closed at 11pm, and wished us a good evening.  She left shortly after that.  After a few minutes, Erik pondered aloud why she had wanted to run our licences.  He thinks she was checking to see if either of us were “working.”  That thought made me laugh again.

Needless to say, we’ve been laughing and shaking our heads since, and that it also put a kibosh on the possibility of us going any further in the emptiness that was the back of the van (did I mention that all the stow and go seats were stowed away?).  I wonder how things would have played out if she had happened upon us a half hour later?

Either way, we still enjoyed ourselves and definitely have a story that will be remembered for quite some time πŸ˜†

6 thoughts on “Well, that was an interesting date night!

  1. shutterboB says:

    Wonder what our good friend Ryan will think of that… πŸ˜‰

  2. Violeteyes says:

    I actually used the back of my minivan once on a kid-night. Parking lot of my apartment complex, away from lights. He was hot, I was overdue – nuff said.

    • Krystalla says:

      Lol well, it was kinda a similar situation (the hot guy and overdue part 😏), but you know she’d have been back at 11 to check, so instead I’m practicing being patient πŸ˜‰.

  3. polymanwhore says:

    A couple years ago, this happened to me, too. One of the girls and I were looking for a spot, found a place near… I dunno.. Montrose Beach, maybe? Anyway, somewhere off Lake Shore Drive with a view of the great Lake Michigan, and got pretty hot and heavy in the car. Who knows how many orgasms later, there was a knock at the very steamed up window. Chicago PD.

    Rolled down the window, friendly police officer asks to see our IDs, then tells us that there have been some muggings along here and he’d hate to see a nice couple like us “get stuck up.”

    After the very nice cop left, we were laughing and getting ready to drive away, and I noticed that I’d tossed her panties on the dashboard, and they were very plainly in view. There was no way he didn’t see them.

    Isn’t it great to get busted by the cops for making out in the car when you’re a grown-up? He just sent us on our way, and didn’t even threaten to call our parents (or our spouses, who would have totally both come together to bail us out and make fun of us!).

    • Krystalla says:

      Lol! Well I was an innocent teen, and have only really explored in the past almost 4 years. Dating my boyfriend has been an experience with a few firsts like that πŸ˜‰. I laughed and commented to him that the cop could easily have called either of our spouses as they knew exactly where we were lol.

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