*reblog* An open letter to lust

Oh! *bites lip*
There are many parts of this that I can relate to feeling/wanting.

Dancing the Path

Dearest Master,


I need You. No, not need, not that sweet, hot, sticky, clinging need of a wife, no…Master I want You, every fucking piece of You. I need You as only a wanton sub can want Her Beloved Master…

I long to be bound, to feel the tight rope cutting so elegantly, the knots adding their own torturous blissful pressure. I want to be spread open before You, my ankles secured to the spreader bar, bent over the bench, my back arched waiting to receive. To feel that sting, the thud, the echoing of the sound as You whip me…I want to release, to whimper and cry, push back into your blows, begging for more until I can no longer breathe through my tears….

My mouth needs to feel Your divine cock using it. My lips miss the feel of your flesh and my tongue craves no other flavor…

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