Quad weekend: discussions, lessons, and spending quality time 

This past weekend was a quad weekend, but it was much more than that to me. It was also when Bob and I were going to sit down and have an in depth discussion about our D/s relationship.

It rained for the majority of our 5 hour drive, especially as we got closer to Bob and Lexxi’s place. Once we got there around 11pm, the dogs had their reunion, as did we. Having a drink or two as we stood around the kitchen (us, not the dogs 😉).

After a bit, Bob took me downstairs to the bedroom down there that we would be sleeping in. I saw my pillow in there, in preparation for the one simple ritual I had asked Bob for us to have. He sat on the corner of the bed, I kneeled on the pillow and placed my head in his lap. I breathed deeply a few times, and I could feel the tension of the past 6 weeks seep out of me. We stayed like that for a few minutes, Bob stroking my hair, and murmuring to me while I breathed, and answered back when I needed to. Soon after, we stood up, and he directed me to strip. We both climbed onto the bed, and started to talk. It was deep, meaningful, and emotional discussion. We agreed to change the honourific I call him to Sir. The other major topic was that Bob offered me his collar of consideration, but told me to take my time in answering. He understands that this is not a straightforward answer for me. If it were based on emotional feelings only, my answer would be a very enthusiastic yes. But it’s not that easy… I’m an independent, strong willed, stubborn woman, who is also in love with 2 other men. I need to keep my other relationships separate, and in such have been fighting one aspect of what Bob is offering me.

When we were done talking, I got my very first over the knee spanking (I loved it!), and then got a good hard fucking (I loved that too!)

The next day, Lexxi and I drove across the provincial lines to Costco and bought some wine and beer. We all spent the afternoon at Bob’s parents pool, also hanging out with another friend. The four of us napped and/or relaxed when we got back to their place. Gun and Lexxi headed off to the movies around 5:30. At 6, I went downstairs to wake Bob up. The purpose of the other two heading out was to give Bob and I some time for a BDSM session.

After he woke, he gathered what he needed to, then strapped me face down on the bed. Blindfold in place, he turned on some music and started to wield his new florentine floggers on me. To say it was heavenly is an understatement…he sent me flying over and over. It was a very surreal experience to be aware of the music and my surroundings, but also dive deep within myself to rise above what was being done to me. After he unhooked my bindings, I was turned over and he slid inside me. Cumming hard with him inside me really was the perfect ending to my flight. As he held me and talked me back down, the tears came and I got the emotional release I had asked for. Shaking and sated, we started to talk about the experience. Those floggers were great as massage aids, my shoulders felt great after. Oh, and Bohemian Rhapsody is the perfect song to flog to 😆

We all then spent the evening sitting in the backyard around the fire pit, eating Chinese food, and just enjoying our time together.

The next morning we had LatexMunchkin and her sub come over to give us a demonstration of a latex vacuum bed. Lexxi had met and spoken with her earlier in the week, and she agreed to come speak with us all. The bed was an interesting experience. The sensations in it were dulled and spread out because of the latex, but you could keenly feel things like air currents and ice. Bob wailed on me, apparently as hard as he can go, and to me it was a pleasant not-quite sting. Kind of like when he was warming up on my bare skin the night before. We were shown some latex clothing (and Lexxi got an older outfit they had but didn’t use any longer), and got a demonstration of mummification. Feel free to read Lexxi’s blog (https://lexxiblue.wordpress.com/2015/07/21/401/) for a more in depth description of these processes.

Soon after they left, it was time for us to head home. I had a long drive myself the next morning as I was heading to my parents place to get our boys.

Yet another weekend, come and gone. This one was definitely a more emotional one for me. Now to deal with the aftermath…

2 thoughts on “Quad weekend: discussions, lessons, and spending quality time 

  1. timzie1 says:

    Great story and a nice weekend! The latex vac bed is a cool item and I love the sensation it gives. There is a chap in the UK that makes them for a steal of price of £125GBP. We opted for one with a head gasket hole which is like a dry suit neck and an additional hole for down below. Only sells black latex, great experience.

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