What level of sub am I?

I was given this website: http://www.sirbamm.com/submission.html to take a look at, and try to see where I fall in the listed 9 levels of submission.

I would say I’m more of a 6 currently, but am looking at exploring more the direction of 7. 

9 will never be me, as I couldn’t just blindly give up my entire life and not question at all. 

There are aspects of 8 that intrigue me (few limits, pleasing the Dom, feeling like a prized possession – however I believe all of those can be felt at the level of 7 as well) but a couple of major points that make me doubt I ever would get to this level. First off, I don’t have a live-in Dom, so can’t be a live-in sub (duh). The other thing that stands out is that I couldn’t exist for just one person, and honestly don’t want to. I’m poly and have kids, it’s just not possible. Yes, when I’m with my Dom, especially if currently in that mindset, he would be forefront in my mind, but I respect my husband and other loved ones, I care about them and want to please in my own way as well. 

I’m still finding this aspect of myself, but it is interesting to reflect upon some ideas of where I am, where I’m looking to, and could potentially become. Either way, I’ll find what’s right for me. 

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