Another Love

I haven’t really spoken much on here recently about one other very important relationship in my life, my boyfriend Erik.  Things with him are going quite well.  I talk to him daily, and we’ve been able to make time to see each other every week or two on average.  Some of our time together is just hanging out, or meeting up in public, other times we’ve been able to steal some private time.

I made the realization just before we left for Cuba that I was in love with him.  Or, maybe more accurately, that’s when I admitted it to myself.  I’ve tried not to analyze my feelings too often, but to just let things happen as they do.  A couple of months ago, I had the vision basically of myself standing at the top of a hill, teetering, poised to fall deep if the winds blew right.  Well, they blew pretty strong, and down I went.  He’s expressed that he feels the same for me, so I’m a happy girl :). When I told the quad that I was in love with him, they all said they already knew it. Lol!

He can definitely confound me at times though.  He’s a very private man; it took him a while to feel comfortable enough to even start to open up to me.  When he has revealed something, it’s kind of a big deal and I haven’t wanted to rattle anything.  I think that’s why I haven’t written about him in depth too often.  However even now, after being together for 6 months, he can still be quiet.  Heck, we all have our moments, but I won’t deny that when he gets like that, I have no idea what to think.  I believe I’m comfortable enough now that I don’t worry like I did, but I still do wonder regardless.  What I find most difficult is not being there, not knowing why he’s quiet at that point in time.  Well, I’ve learned to deal with it when Bob gets that way, I guess I will learn here too.

If you’ve followed my previous blog posts that mention him, you’ll know that he’s a Dom.  We’ve played a little in that regard, but other than him asking what I want, we have yet to really discuss any of it.  I’ve let him know that I want to, but know he’s got issues with my situation (though, I’m not sure what all they are other than that I have a Dom, and he doesn’t want to step on any toes), so am in a holding pattern, waiting.  Bob has wanted to speak with him in person about this situation for a while now, but timing with his visits here just hasn’t worked out with Erik’s schedule.  I really do hope they can work something out when the quad is together again at the beginning of June.  I’ve been patient with this for a couple of months now, the joys of having long distance relationships, and conversations that are better said in person…

I am such a lucky girl to have the full support of my husband, my poly husband, my poly wife, and my metamour and friend (Erik’s lovely wife Mia) in my relationship with him.

Polyamory can be amazing 🙂

2 thoughts on “Another Love

  1. lexxiblue says:

    Always and forever my love. 😙😙

  2. Violeteyes says:

    I agree. LDR’s certaintly have their challenges, for all parties. But some of them are worth the effort. 😉

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