I know I’ve been quiet lately…

Have you ever felt the excitement from learning something new about yourself, but not really being able to do anything more about it? At least not to the timeline of your own needs, wants, or enthusiasm.

Let me tell you, it’s not fucking easy…
It’s not easy on a couple of fronts, first and foremost, the one(s) who can help me further uncover a part of myself are not my primary partner – my husband. I know he’s having a tough time with this, that there is a part of me he can’t fulfill. Though, to be fair, there’s a part of him that I cannot fulfill, and I have made peace with that – I encourage him to seek it out where he needs to, as long as he communicates (which he does 😊). Secondly, because it’s not my primary partner who can help me, timing and space is a big issue. Partly because what I want to explore generally would not have me quiet. Plus partly what I want to explore would be more of an ongoing basis thing. Neither can happen easily with distance of any sort.
Also I hate my fucking job, my boss is a total bitch, and I have been stressing about money we don’t have. 
These are the struggles in my head lately. 
Being a grown up can sometimes suck (and not in the good way)… 
I plan on writing an overview of our week away in Cuba, plus I am helping Lexxi co-write a blog about an experience down there, I just need to kick myself in the ass to do so 😐  

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