My report for Master

Yesterday afternoon I got a text from Bob letting me know that Lexxi had been given a task, and that he expected a full report from both of us the next day.  I had a date with Erik that evening after my aquafit class, but he assured me that it would be done after my date, and gave me the vague details.

After I got home, Lexxi, Gun, and I watched some TV before Gun retired to bed (he’d been coming down with a cold, been feeling increasingly worse as the day went on).  Lexxi and I went upstairs to let the dogs out, and debated where we should fulfill Bob’s task.  We decided that the basement was the best place.  We made out a little, then let the dogs back in and headed downstairs.

We cordoned ourselves off in the back corner of the basement and started kissing again, soft and slow, our hands roaming all over each other.  Lexxi trailed her lips down my neck as her hands found the hem of my t-shirt.  She pulled it up and off, and started kissing my breasts.  She took my nipple in her mouth and sucked on it gently.  After lavishing attention to them both, she lowered to her knees and slid my pants down my legs.  As I stepped out of them, her tongue found my pussy lips.  She toyed with my clit hood piercing before aiming me towards the bed, so I could lie down.  She then practically dove between my legs.  She licked my outer and inner lips; she played with my piercing, sucking it and moving her tongue all around it.  Her fingers found their way inside me.  She had me moaning and writhing in no time.  I had wave after wave of release, little shocks flowing through my body.  Lexxi’s traced her fingers all around my pussy, toyed with both of my openings. It felt so good.  She then started to nibble and bite me, around my butt cheeks, on my pussy lips, and my thighs.  Oh damn, that was unexpected but awesome.

As my aftershocks died down, Lexxi came up onto the bed and laid down next to me.  We hugged and kissed a little.  My hands roamed her back and arms, whatever I could touch.  Lexxi loves different sensations, so I used my palms and finger tips, then used my nails lightly, and every now and then dragged my nails harder on her.  Alternating constantly between the three, she was groaning in no time.  I then played with the nipple that I could get at, lightly pinching and pulling at it, and squeezing her breast.  Sliding onto the floor next to the bed, I motioned at her to take her pants off.  She warned me that she was finishing up her period, so she didn’t think I’d want to go down on her, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t play.  My fingers lightly caressed her outer lips, as I looked and thought about what I wanted to do.  Lexxi has two genital piercings, one hoop on her labia, and a hoop on her clit hood (just like mine).  I then started to play with her labial piercing, grasping the hoop, and sliding it through the hole, but not touching he anywhere else.  She immediately started to moan.  After a bit, I started to do the same with her clit hood hoop.  The middle finger of my other hand parted her lips and slid inside her.  I slowly fucked her with my finger, as my other hand manipulated the hoop, and played with her clit below it.  I grinned up at her as she was wiggling on the bed.  Her hands didn’t seem to know where to go.  They’d reach out for nothing and grasp.  I told her to grab her boobs if she needed to hold onto something.  She complied and groaned.  Since I changed my clit hood piercing to a hoop, I’d sometimes played with it, seeing what different sensations I could create.  I decided to try one of those on her.  I “v’d” the index and middle finger of my left hand on either side of her clit, massaging it up and down and in and out.  Basically jacking off her clit. I the firmly took the hoop between my index finger and thumb of my right hand, and moved it back and forth over her clit underneath of it.  Her tone immediately changed, her body went more rigid.  “Oh god, don’t stop!” she exclaimed to me a couple of times.  I just kept going…up and down on the outside of her clit, and making the metal stroke back and forth over the top of it.  Her moans got louder and higher in pitch, and she grabbed a pillow and put it over her face.  I could tell she was getting closer to an orgasm.  Her breath caught, and her body shook as she fell over that edge.  After her limbs loosened a bit, I slowed my ministrations, letting her revel in the after shocks.  As she told me to stop playing, she mentioned me she’d just had one of the big clitoral orgasms that had been eluding her for quite a while.  I climbed up on the bed beside her and we cuddled for a bit.

I grabbed my phone and snapped a picture to send to Bob, and let him know that that part of our task was complete.  “Good girls” was his reply.

Well, and now that I’ve written this, the other part of my task is complete too 🙂

One thought on “My report for Master

  1. lexxiblue says:

    Your account was quite well written. Thank you.

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