How I’ve grown since we opened our marriage

Tonight I chatted with the first guy I met and was with after Gun and I opened our marriage. It made me realize how much I have learned about myself and have grown in the past three and a half years. 

Back then I was married mom who’d only really had experience with one guy (other than some making out and getting felt up by one other guy). I was curious about being with another man, but still wanted to be with my husband. 
Since we opened our marriage, we’ve touched upon so many facets of non-monogamy. Open relationship (casually dating separately), swinging (playing with couples together), fwb (good friends we play with), and polyamory (deeper than casual relationships with others). 
We’ve also started discovering our individual kinks, as it were. That’s the one main area that Gun and I have differed on. He’s realized that he loves the hunt, as it were. He likes meeting new women, to have a few fwb. I’ve realized that I’m polyamorous, that I prefer a very select few deeper relationships. Also, with the help of my poly hubby Bob (also my Master), and my boyfriend Erik, I’m in the process of discovering my submissive side. 
It hasn’t been an easy road, but I wouldn’t change any of it. 

My report for Master

Yesterday afternoon I got a text from Bob letting me know that Lexxi had been given a task, and that he expected a full report from both of us the next day.ย  I had a date with Erik that evening after my aquafit class, but he assured me that it would be done after my date, and gave me the vague details.

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Well, I have to give it to my hubby, loved ones and friends. They all got me yesterday afternoon.  I had gone out to get some shopping done that I needed for our upcoming trip to Cuba. I meandered and took my time. I got home around 3, when I opened the door, I see Gun and Lexxi sitting on the stairs, and hear a bunch of voices yell “surprise!”  I turned to look in my living room and see my vanilla BFF (who had spinal surgery about a month ago) in the living room, along with her hubby and their daughter, our good friend Melissa, and Trixie, another good friend of ours. 

I found out that Lexxi is staying at our house for the week, while Bob works (he had to work overtime this weekend, which is why he couldn’t come).  He’ll be coming in on the train on Saturday, so we’ll pick him up and bring him here then.

I was then plied with presents, wine, and laughs. Melissa’s hubby Chad arrived after he finished work. As dinner was getting prepared, the second shock of the night arrived, Erik and Mia. They had told me they were going away to visit family this weekend. After my mouth finally closed, and I collected some thoughts, I cursed them out as I laughed and gave them both hugs. 
We had dinner, then started to play some Cards Against Humanity. Another friend of ours, Tara, arrived just as the game started. She was introduced around then joined in the game. That is an awesome game, and I think we’ll have a blast playing it on Cuba ๐Ÿ˜†. 
People started to trickle out and head home after that. Erik found me in the kitchen and handed me a second present. It was a book. “The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty” by A.N. Roquelaure (Anne Rice). My base knowledge of the book had me blushing. I’ve decided that it will be coming to Cuba with me, to read on the beach or by the pool. 
After Lexxi excused herself to head to bed, I left Gun and Tara alone to go downstairs. I just asked Gun that he make me cum when he came to bed. Unfortunately for me, I had the beginnings of a migraine then. I never ask him to stop, but had to. It just means that he still has to get me ๐Ÿ˜‰. 
I can’t thank Gun enough for this, and also Lexxi, and Bob, and all of our friends who were able to attend and helped out. After Lilly’s surprise visit, Gun kept saying he doesn’t know how he could top that. Well, I would definitely say he matched the surprise aspect of it. He got me good ๐Ÿ˜„. 
Next Saturday late afternoon/early evening, Erik and Mia will stop over for a bit, to see the quad off before we head south, and also so he and Bob can have a chat over a glass of good scotch. What will they be talking about? Well…me. Beyond that, I have no clue what it’ll be about. Knowing what I do of them, it could be a short efficient chat, or it could go on a while lol. Since my dad will be coming over that night, as he’s staying with our kids and dogs while we’re away, it won’t be too long or loud of a chat lol. 
I have a coffee date with Erik on Tuesday evening. I’m looking forward to seeing him again, even if it’ll just be talking (okay, and making out) in one of our cars. 
I’ve got a busy week ahead of me, have stuff to do almost every evening after work, in preparation for our trip, and making sure the boys have what they need while we’re gone. 
Somehow I think that it’ll still end up going by slooooowly… Lol

I am a lucky girl ๐Ÿ˜ธ

I am such a lucky girl, to have so many supportive and caring people around me.  Iโ€™m starting this post out this way because I know that without them, I would never be on my way to discovering a side of myself I was surprised even existed.

When I defined a side of my relationship with Bob, that he’s my Dom and I’m one of his subs (along with Lexxi), things became strained in my burgeoning relationship with Erik. From what I understand, in being a Dom himself, he wasn’t sure how having two very dominant men in my life, along with my husband, would work. In my mind, because I don’t live with either Bob or Erik, and because their styles are so different, I thought that it could work. Though, that could have also been my wishful thinking.

Bob and Erik started chatting, and seemed to come to understanding each other a little better. Bob had no problem with Erik helping me explore my sub side, he just asked to be notified of any “plans”. At this point, they’d met once, but Bob hadn’t been feeling great, so they’d only gotten a vague feeling of each other in person. They met again at Gun’s birthday, but the up and down weather and a nagging sickness weren’t Bob’s friend, so they didn’t really talk much that day. Within a few weeks though, things seemed to have settled down. I had gotten a few tasks from Bob, and been teased by both guys about various implements being used on me.

The weekend before last, I went to Erik and Mia’s house on Saturday night to hang out, while Gun and his surprise visitor Lilly had an evening to themselves (albeit with our kids upstairs and the dogs home, but it sounds like they made the best of it though ๐Ÿ˜ƒ). We talked, watched a movie, and talked some more. Mia made a not so subtle excuse to head to bed and left Erik and I alone. I ended up on display in a way I’d never really been before, naked with my hands on my head, being looked at and touched from every angle. It kind of surprised me that I didn’t feel self conscious about it. I felt appreciated, safe, sensual, and very turned on. I was told near the end of the night that I had passed the audition. I questioned Erik on that, and his reply was that I was someone who he’d enjoy playing with (in a more D/s role, opposed to the more bf/gf play we’d been mostly doing). When I recounted the night to Bob, as my Dom he liked what he’d heard.

Last week Mia asked if I was doing anything on Saturday evening, that she had been thinking of going to see a movie Erik didn’t want to see, and that if I was free, could go hang out with him at their house. I wasn’t, so made plans with Erik to go over there after I had dinner with Gun and our boys. I let Bob and Lexxi know of my plans as well (since any meet is notified to all of the quad). On Friday Gun suggested that Mia come hang at our house and watch movies, instead of going out alone, and she thought it was a good idea. I had been trying not to think too in depth of what may or may not happen with Erik on Saturday night. I don’t like setting unrealistic expectations, I’ve had way too many dashed in the past. He did tease me a bit though, in mentioning a few things, most particularly floggers. One other reason I was hesitant in having any expectations was because I didn’t know what, if anything, was being communicated to Bob. I don’t think I’d be able to fully relax if I didn’t know he was aware of the basics of things. In a part of a conversation with Erik on Saturday, I asked in a roundabout way if he knew, and he answered affirmatively in his own roundabout way. It was enough to put my mind at ease.

As we had discussed, Mia was still there when I arrived. We all chatted for a few minutes, then she headed off to my house. I’m not going to go into the finer details of what happened, the parties that need to know, do, but rest assured it was an enjoyable evening. I was left a very shaky, wet, happy, flogged, sated body laying on the floor. Lol. Afterward Erik and I shared a bath in their big jacuzzi tub. He washed me down with a delightfully scented body wash, and we talked, cuddled, made out, and talked some more. After that and a cup of tea, it was time for me to head home. Mia and Gun had been talking all evening and she was still there when I arrived home. We said our goodbye’s, hugged, and she left.

In our chats last week, Erik was trying to describe his poly side and his Dom side, how they were on different levels. I can definitely see that, with the sub side of myself that I’m uncovering. The level of trust is all encompassing, the emotion very deep. The thing is, I’m finding that I’m feeling that with two men, and under that, I have my rock, my husband. It’s unconventional, and not a common thing. Neither Dom’s live with me, one is 5 hours away, the other is an hour away. It will be rare occasions that I see them at the same time. They both approach things differently. There’s still a lot of talking that needs to happen, stuff needs to be worked out on all sides. But maybe this can work…