Date night!

Last weekend I was introduced to the roller derby. Not through the movies, I went to a real live roller derby match (well matches, there were 2 bouts that evening). How was it? you ask. In a word: awesome!

The guy I’ve been seeing, yeah I guess if you were to label us he’d now be considered my boyfriend, is a big fan of the roller derby, I think particularly because a good friend of his is on one of the teams. Anyway Erik asked me if I wanted to go to the roller derby last weekend. Since Gun was out that night on a date, and I knew our boys would be fine and could watch the dogs, I readily agreed.

We met at a car pool lot about half way between our houses. I hopped in his car and we were off. We chatted on the drive, and held hands a bit. One thing I really noticed on this date, was that I didn’t feel like I needed to fill the conversation silences. When there were lulls, it was a comfortable silence. We got there and set up our chairs just before the first match started. The energy in the building was high and positive. We were sitting next to some rabid fans, who were cheering for opposite teams, but had a good time ribbing each other throughout the two matches. My first thought was how Gun, Bob, and Lexxi would all love the eye candy skating around the rink. My second was that my boys would love to see this too. I had read up on some of the rules before coming, so I wasn’t totally lost when the action got started. Erik and I sat holding hands watching the action, his fingers moving on my hand almost constantly. Occasionally his other hand would tease my arm. You see I was wearing a shirt where the sleeves were basically bound together with rope, so I think he was enjoying the access to bare skin there. Just before the end of the first half I heard a voice from over my shoulder that exclaimed “you’re here!” I was quickly introduced to Erik’s friend who’s on one of the roller derby teams. Extracting my hand from his, I shook her hand. She was cute, bubbly, and very personable. After a few minutes she had to excuse herself to get back to her teammates. “Does she know about you?” I asked him after she had left. He replied that she did, and that she knew of me, but not by name. Well she did now 😉.

During the intermission we took a walk to see what vendors they had at the venue. We got a coffee, then Erik bought a book, and I bought a pair of knee high socks. We settled back in our seats to finish the first match. The second match was between the two first place teams, and turned out to be a much more energetic game. The girls were skating, hitting, and checking like crazy. I was really getting into it by the time it was over. It was fantastic. The sportsmanship of these ladies was amazing too. They’d help each other up all the time, even if someone was on the other team and they were just checked to the ground. The team we wanted to win ended up squeaking out a victory.

Erik packed up our chairs then we went to say hello to his friend. We both got hugs, and when parting said “I’m sure I’ll see you again” to me. I’m pretty sure I blushed then. Walking hand in hand away from the rink, I asked Erik how he knew her. Turns out she was a university friend of his wife Mia’s, and had been a “pretty good” friend of his at one point. He told me that Mia had even mentioned her in a past blog or two of hers. I did recall one entry in particular I had read that was written years ago. I let that settle in my brain, and found I was fine with it. It kind of made sense with her playful attitude. Anyway, I didn’t ask anything further, and we headed off to find some food.

The place he wanted to go was closed for renovations, so we went to another restaurant close by. After being seated and ordering, Erik kept hitting me with these intense stares of his. He’d actually been doing it off and on all evening but seemed particularly focused then. When he does that, I get all blushy and squirmy. I think he was having fun watching my reactions.

We then headed back to the car pool lot, and Erik parked next to my car. We ended up in the backseat talking and making out like a couple of teenagers. It seems to be a theme with us, but we don’t have much choice since there’s really no place we can go. I just make the most and enjoy the time that we do get together.

After we parted, I went home to the boys and dogs. I had a glass of wine, and unwound a little. Since Gun was on an overnight date, I cuddled in bed with our big puppies before turning out the lights on the day.

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