*reblog* Assignment: what are your ideas?

I just loved the video attached to this post (the pictures are pretty awesome too). I would love to have that done on me.


This is a random assignment for my sub, but I encourage readers to post as well and reply with a link to their post.

Assignment: post 5 pictures or videos showing rope bondage that you would like to try (Dom: tie, sub: be tied). I prefer something that hasn’t been done, but for those more experienced, it can be a favorite tie.

My response:





Note: All images and videos found online. Credit to respective owners.

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Random crap floating around in my brain

Life has been awesome, but really busy lately. With this, I’ve had a lot of thoughts rolling around in my head. Some I’ve gotten out already, some are still working their way clearer. I find that writing stuff out can help organize my thoughts and feelings, so I’m going to attempt that here. Continue reading