While the hubby is away…

Last Monday my hubby Gun left on a business trip to the United States. The trip is for 11 days, so he’s not coming back until this coming Friday. Before he agreed to go on this trip, I had made a date with the guy I’ve been seeing. Let’s call him Erik. Gun told me to keep the date, and invite him over, so I did.

Our boys had met he and his wife Mia when they came over for dinner on New Year’s Day, so when I told them he was coming over to watch a movie, they thought it was cool. Actually the youngest asked if he could watch a movie too. I quickly said we’d been discussing watching a horror movie, knowing he hates them. He agreed that he and I would watch a movie the next day together instead lol. Erik arrived around the time he said he’d get there. He came bearing gifts, one I knew about – a book Mia said she was going to send so I could borrow, and a bottle of red wine, the same type they had brought over for dinner at New Years (which I found yummy). A pleasant surprise 😊

He and I then headed downstairs, my dogs in tow. I got myself a glass of white wine, and we settled on the couch to pick a movie. Head to head, we looked at my phone, scrolling through the options on our server. We decided on a cheesy, no thinking involved horror movie. It was one that was shot for 3-D, so we laughed at all the bad effects that would look like they’re throwing stuff in your face. I was a little nervous, wanted to just cuddle into him right away, but felt myself holding back. It’s weird. Since we started talking he’s always been so cautious, not rushing into anything, unveiling bits of himself very slowly, so I’m always unsure what to reveal of myself. I’ve said a lot through text, but I find it easier to say things through text than in person. I guess it’s the residual shy girl that still does lurk inside me. So when it comes to being in person, I tend to hesitate at first. I went upstairs to make sure the dogs got let out, after I came back down, Erik commented that it could take another movie before we actually cuddled, so I moved and snuggled in. We moved only when my youngest came down to give hugs good night (thankfully with the horror movie on, he hollered from the top of the basement stairs for the movie to be paused – good thinking on the choice of movie!).

When the movie finished, Erik leaned over and kissed me. I won’t deny, details got fuzzy, my insides quivered, and time kind of stopped. I was still aware of my older son, right above us, though knew he was playing xbox with his friends and had his good headset on. One part that stands out was the way his fingers traveled up and down my legs. I had on a skirt and ass high socks (good planning on my part 😉), and as his fingers moved, my socks were rolled down a little further. The sensation of them slowing getting rolled down my leg, skin being revealed inch by inch, touched and caressed as it hit the air until they reached my ankles, was one of the most sensual things I can think of. After a while of lightly touching my legs, Erik scratched his fingers up and down them. Oh damn, that felt incredible, especially since I had become transfixed by the soft touches. I know I gasped a bunch of times as he tried this on different parts of my skin. Also knowing that I am discovering my kink and am enjoying BDSM, he tested my reactions on a few things. He’d lightly grab a fistful of my hair every now and then, sometimes kissing me sometimes looking into my eyes. His hand stroked up my chest and would lightly encircle my throat. One time when he did that he kissed me hard and kept his hand there, and my lower stomach exploded in tingles. He pulled me over to straddle his lap. Kissing, caressing, nibbling. My bra came undone, and my breasts were lavished with attention. When my nipples were were sucked, I sighed. When they were bitten, my breath in-took swiftly. My hands were in his hair, down his back, up his arms. Wherever I could reach. His fingers slid across my thighs to the edge of my panties. His fingers inside me quickly found the right spot, deep inside. With my head buried in the crook of his neck, my hips undulating on his hand, I asked if I would be allowed to cum. He replied for me to tell him when I was close and he’d decide then. That isn’t an easy thing for me. I can hold back when I know I have to, but letting it go only to stop is more difficult. Stroking faster and harder, I could feel that tingle start. I told him that I thought I was close. After a few more minutes he whispered to me that I was allowed to cum. And cum I did. My body wracked with shivers, I just wanted that sensation to keep going…it did for a while, he actually stroked another small one out of me before I heard a noise from upstairs and lost focus. By now, it was almost 11:30pm, and my older son was still awake. I went upstairs and told him he had to finish up what he was doing and head to bed (he’s only 13).

With the amount of times we’d seen each other before, we hadn’t yet had sex. It wasn’t something Erik wanted to rush, and I respected that. We talked about it the night before, if it were to happen or not. I had told him blatantly that I wanted to fuck him, but wasn’t expecting it. Anyway, after my son went to bed, I let the dogs back in and closed the basement door. I walked over to Erik and said that the futon bed we had downstairs may be more comfortable. Even if all he wanted to do was continue to tease me. We walked over to the bed, then quickly gated off the area from the dogs. Erik lightly pushed me back on the mattress, then settled on top of me. We resumed kissing and touching. I could tell he enjoyed being seated between my legs, but fully dressed. Letting me see what it could be like visually. I can’t recall the words he used, but he basically asked if I wanted to go further. I replied that I was just wondering what his response would be if I begged him to fuck me, as that was the point I was at. He moved off of me, and went out to the main basement area to where his coat was. I got myself undressed and laid in the middle of the bed. I watched him walk back towards me, knowing he had condoms in hand. I sat up as he started to undress himself. I debated helping, wanted his cock in my hands again, in my mouth, but Erik took a small step back as he stepped out of his pants. Then he was ripping open a condom package and my brain went elsewhere ☺️. “Are you sure you want this?” Erik asked as he moved to kneel between my thighs. “Yes” I replied (I may have said more, but like I just said, my brain was elsewhere). He rolled on the condom and settled above me. I quickly learned that the man is a tease with his cock as much as he is with his fingers and mouth. I wasn’t surprised lol. Using different depths, speed, and positions, he fucked me into a wet puddle of goo. Convering my eyes with his hand at times, another had him pinning my hands above my head as he stroked inside me, that had my eyes rolling back in my head. Many times I think he came within a few strokes of making me squirt, but then he changed positions. Not sure if that was on purpose, or one of those things he’ll just have to get to know with my body. Keeping quiet wasn’t easy, but I tried my damndest. Erik even held his hand over my mouth once as he told me to cum. When he finally told me he couldn’t hold back anymore I pleaded yes, to just fuck me.

After, we cuddled laying on the bed until I could hear that the dogs were on the stair landing and wanting out. I put back on my tank top and skirt and let them out. We each grabbed a water bottle and cuddled back on the couch, still catching our breath. We chatted idly a little. Noticing it was 1:17am, we both realized that with an hour drive ahead of him, it was time to say good bye. We headed upstairs. Hugged and kissed good night, and he left. I brought the dogs in and we headed up to bed.

The rest of the quad had all retired to bed already, so I read a blog post that Gun had published earlier, and twittered a bit before finally going to sleep.

The two and a half month wait was definitely worth it…but if I have a say in the matter, I’m not waiting another two and a half months before that happens again 😉

2 thoughts on “While the hubby is away…

  1. lexxiblue says:

    OK. That sounds like it was a hot night. My insides reacted as I read this. Glad you had fun my girl.

  2. Have to say that is a hot description. So glad you had fun. And that it finally happened. 😆

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