Quad Weekend recap – Bob’s Birthday Bash

My hubby Gun leaves today on a work trip, and he won’t be back home until next week Friday. This will be the first time we’ll he apart for that long since we moved into the same house over 19 years ago. I’m happy he’s getting this opportunity, and know I’ll be fine at home with our boys. Funny enough, what I’m really not looking forward to is his dog being completely lost without him lol. Though I can’t deny, I’m also not looking forward to going without sex for that long. That’ll be the longest break since we opened up. I guess we’ll see what happens, and how squirrelly I’m going 😉

I haven’t done a full quad weekend recap in a while, so I will today. We just finished a great one. Actually the last two visits have been good ones (save for Bob’s bad back at New Years). Over New Years, Bob and Lexxi came over with their dogs, had a mostly quiet week at home with our kids, spent New Years with just us (though Lexxi and I ended up really drunk and passed out way before midnight), and even had dinner guests over on New Year’s Day. The guy I’ve been seeing came over with his wife and their daughter, plus our friend Melissa joined us too. That was a great evening.

Anyway, on to this past weekend! Bob’s actual birthday was the Thursday before, so the theme for this weekend was #bobsbirthdaybash. Since Gun was working late, I passed the kids off to my inlaws after work, and got home to Bob and Lexxi at our house. Now that’s a thing I could easily get used to 😊. Bob had decided to surprise us girls by putting his ring back in, we discovered this when we both gave him a double BJ in my kitchen. Lexxi and I then proceeded to indulge with Bob in a birthday threesome 😍. We were having a drink and waiting for pizza to arrive when Gun got home. We had a fun evening, kind of watched a movie (kind of meaning the guys napped, not because of fun adult activities lol), then retired to bed for the adult fun portion 😁.

The day, after a lazy morning, Lexxi and I ran a few errands. We got home, had some lunch, then waited for our friends Angel and Charlie to arrive. Gun and I hadn’t seen them for over a year, and it was close to a year since Bob and Lexxi had seen them. We all agreed we couldn’t let it go that long between visits again. It’s amazing when you can find friends that are so natural to be around. Angel and Charlie had brought a birthday present for Bob to wear to the club. If any of you have seen the movie “A Good Old Fashioned Orgy”, I’m sure you’ll remember the Captain #CountMeDown. They got Bob a red satin robe and a captains hat, and coincidentially it fit well as the theme for that night was Black and Red, lol! We talked for a few hours, then our other good friends Melissa and Chad arrived. We all had dinner, then got ready to head to the local swingers club.

After everyone signed in, we got a tour of the place. We then found a group of couches and the tequila shots started being poured. Dancing commenced. After a few drinks and shots, us 4 girls headed to the go-go cage. Bob then approached and asked us all to pick a number. We all said something, and he grabbed my hand, said I picked the lucky number, and pulled me towards the large play room. He walked me towards the back wall which had a St. Andrew’s Cross and a BDSM chair against it.

chair cross

He backed me up against the cross and secured my hands, then slid my ankles into their bindings. By now, the rest of our group came into the room. To the right of me were a few beds, with people fucking on them. In front of me were a few couches, which were gathering people. Beyond the couches were a few more beds. To my left, I saw Lexxi being strapped to the chair by Charlie, and next to her were the curtains to the divided semi private beds. Charlie then held what looked like a ping pong paddle in his hand, but the surface was fuzzy soft instead of rubber. The most of what transpired is somewhat fuzzy but I do recall some things… I know Charlie smacked my thighs with the paddle a bit, then the hitachi magic wand came out. It could only reach whoever was strapped to the cross, so I was the first to get it used on me. I remember asking Bob if I was allowed to cum, and he told me I wasn’t. I definitely need to get the attachment that they had, damn 😍. I made a point of looking for Gun, I found him standing behind one of the couches, watching me in the now crowd of people in the room. After a bit, Lexxi and I switched spots. My hands were secured above my head, my thighs spread and tied to the chair. She was next to me on the cross moaning as the hitachi buzzed against her. Bob switched to using a wooden spatula on me. Smacking my thighs repeatedly, varying his intensity. Then he smacked my pussy with it too. I groaned and twitched with each delicious sting. When I sought out Gun again, I could see him on one of the beds straight ahead, Angel on her knees between his thighs. It was so hot watching my husband get blown by a good friend. Soon after I got blindfolded, so my recollection gets even fuzzier. I know Melissa smacked me with the spatula a few times too. I heard her voice as she was close to me. Bob also dribbled cold water all over me. My legs, thighs, pussy, arms, breasts. He pushed an ice cube up inside me as well. As it progressed, I got lost in it all. It all blurred together. All of a sudden, I could feel my body contract and want to release. The tears welled up. I had had enough. I shook my head and told Bob that I was done. As he unstrapped me, the sobs started. When the blindfold came off, I saw that the crowd had dissipated mostly, and the ones in the room were engrossed in their playing. He guided me over to the closest couch and got me some water. I pulled him closer and said I needed either him or Gun with me for a few minutes. He sat down beside me and I just let it all go.  Gun came over to see how I was. I reassured him I was okay and accepted the comfort he was able to give. Lexxi came to see how I was doing, then told me people were asking when we’d be heading out. Bob then asked me if there was anything I needed. I told him I needed to be fucked, but decided I could wait until we got home since some of our friends wanted to head back. We ended up staying for another half hour, until a song that Angel had requested came on, then left for home.

When we got home, Melissa and Chad headed back to their place. We talked for a bit with Angel and Charlie, then all went to bed. It was 3:30am before Bob and I got to sleep, and I was awake by 8am the next morning. Damn internal body clock lol. I was comfy in bed, so didn’t move for a while though. Lexxi came to cuddle with me for a bit, then her wandering hands somehow found their way inside me ☺️😈. I assessed the bruises I had from the previous evening, then on sore legs came down to the living room where everyone was sitting and talking. We ate Bob’s birthday cake for breakfast (a chocolate whiskey cake made by Bob and Lexxi’s daughter, it was so damn good!), then Angel and Charlie had to head home. They had a 2.5hr drive, and also had to pick up their kids. The quad then had a little fun, some of which Gun posted on Twitter 😉, and then we replenished with some lunch. All too soon, it was time for Bob and Lexxi to start packing up to head on their way. Gun and I talked a little about the weekend, then dozed until it was time to go get our boys.

It was a fantastic weekend, and I’m so glad that some of our closest friends got to meet, and seemed to hit it off as well. Not that us 4 had any doubt of that, but it was still awesome to see play out 😄.

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