My body

Sometimes I hate my body. The way it looks, the way it reacts (or more doesn’t react). I’ve learned a lot about my body recently, and am more at peace with it than ever, but it still frustrates the hell out of me.

I’ve come to realize that my skin is not very tactile, meaning it’s not very sensitive. A gentle brush of the fingers on my arm is more relaxing than arousing. When my nipples are brushed lightly, most of the time I don’t even feel it, not really. Maybe a slight sensation, but nothing that makes my insides react, not like when they’re pinched or twisted. That’s probably one reason that I’m drawn to pain play and BDSM, so I can really feel something. For example after my thigh is smacked hard my skin becomes sensative, and the lighter touches register immensely.

Maybe it’s partially because of this, but I also know it can sometimes take longer for my body to “warm up”. Even if I’m feeling extremely horny, I need more than a little fingering to get me wet and really hot. I’m not the type of girl who drips at the drop of a hat. If a guy has made me create a snail trail in my panties, that’s huge. I’ve noticed that kissing is a big part of getting really turned on for me. I love to kiss 💋. I know I’ve gotten wet from just kissing and nothing else (okay, maybe an ass grab or so, but no under the clothes intimate touching). I’m a happy girl even with just an evening of making out, albeit would be a frustrated one 😉. When my clit is being fingered, I won’t deny that it feels really good, I’ll probably shiver and quiver, but I rarely get off. Even with the clit hood piercing. What that does is make me feel it more, the extra rubbing against it…okay, where was I? I’m also not much of a squirter. I have the odd time, but only with a lot of gspot stimulation (can we say hand cramps? Lol). Kiss me, caress me, grab me, touch me. Make me turn my brain off. I think entirely too much sometimes, and have a hard time stopping that. Multiple sensations at once can confuse it and what’s left is just feeling.

Quickies can be fun, feel absolutely incredible, but ultimately they’re just a giant tease for me. It’s rare for me to have a big release from a quickie. Mind you, I still love them and have initiated them, and wouldn’t ever turn one down from one of my guys… 😏😈. Tease or not, they still feel great and I love the rush.

Anyway, I know I’m rambling…that’s it for now.

One thought on “My body

  1. Violeteyes says:

    I can relate…unfortunatrly for me.

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