While the hubby is away…

Last Monday my hubby Gun left on a business trip to the United States. The trip is for 11 days, so he’s not coming back until this coming Friday. Before he agreed to go on this trip, I had made a date with the guy I’ve been seeing. Let’s call him Erik. Gun told me to keep the date, and invite him over, so I did. Continue reading

Loved, alone, but feeling lonely

Yesterday I tweeted how I was alone but feeling loved and not lonely. Well, tonight the lonely struck. Hard. It’s been sort of a stressful day for me as my puppy hadn’t been feeling well most of the day, I was starting to get quite worried. Thankfully she settled down just after dinner time, so the comedown from that, plus PMS, and having basically been a single mom for a week (and another almost week to go) just compounded and crashed on me hard.

It’s times like this that distance sucks ass. Cyber hugs just aren’t same thing as having arms wrapped around you, and being able to snuggle into a warm body.

I really hate feeling like this…

Quad Weekend recap – Bob’s Birthday Bash

My hubby Gun leaves today on a work trip, and he won’t be back home until next week Friday. This will be the first time we’ll he apart for that long since we moved into the same house over 19 years ago. I’m happy he’s getting this opportunity, and know I’ll be fine at home with our boys. Funny enough, what I’m really not looking forward to is his dog being completely lost without him lol. Though I can’t deny, I’m also not looking forward to going without sex for that long. That’ll be the longest break since we opened up. I guess we’ll see what happens, and how squirrelly I’m going 😉 Continue reading